Does Amrita Vidyalayam Belgaum have a CBSE affiliation

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With the current stand of going on with the parents and Managing committee of Amrita Vidyalayam Belgaum, AAB has found some strange mis representations from the school side.

The school website on its Academics page mentions this and we quote “ Affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi (CBSEAffiliation: CBSE/Aff./830250 ( Click here for details), Composite Provisional Affiliationfor Secondary School Examination), we follow a system of continuous evaluation that covers both the scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of student’s growth.  We have classes from 1 to X.”

But the affiliation code mentioned here 830250 belongs to Amrita Vidyalayam, Ullala Upanagara Post, Bangalore.

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On the school main site the Bangalore school has a affiliate code mentioned against it, which when checked shows no result.


Means the Belgaum school is being run on a affiliation got for a school in Bangalore.

The parents today met the DC and and the DC is studying how the situation can be handled and is also studying all the possibilities and action that can be taken under the amrita

The school is affiliated (supposed to be ) to CBSE hence the school does not come under the Education departments direct control but the Karnataka Education Act does cover and give some provisions which the DC is thinking of using to solve the current crisis.

The parents are firm on their decision that until the Principal and other staff is not transferred they wont allow their children to school. The meeting to be held with the management which is scheduled on 12 December also seems to be only scheduled and some parents say this meeting will never happen.

Now the question is the school correct on its part for using a different schools affiliate code on its website. Belgaum school does not have an affiliation yet, then why was the affiliate code put up on the Belgaum specific website of the school. Isn’t this cheating?

And what about the future of the 500+ students going to school and whats the fate about their parents who are going through tremendous tension.

The school authorities says :  There was a technical error on the website and they had taken steps to correct it. A copy of the affiliation letter had been displayed on the notice board.

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  1. Belgaum Has Witnessed the most horrifying phase of irresponsibility, unmannered behaviour, money thirsty, principal Karunya (Mukambika Mulki), She ruthlessly threw away the senior manager (serving for 10yrs from the begining of the school) in the very first week of her arrival with her very insulting words and also manhandled her. She also insulted the comittee member Mr, Tolgi and asked to never enter her school again. She also insulted all the parents who tried to even meet her with her dirty culture. Her life style from no angle looked to be a ashramites. She collected all unreciepted money for her entertainment and luxury of purchasing – a washing machine, LCD TV, etc. Found chatting with 10th std boys on FB upto 1.00 at night. Last but not the least threatened the children to kill them if they did not obey her. These are some special doings of Br. Karunya. We fail to understand How does the Ashram tolerate her, More surprisingly the so called Swami Ramakrishna puri came to her rescue. Who also looked to be equally a lier and a cheat.


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