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No IIT for Karnataka Belgaum not in picture

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In the recent past there were headlines running that an IIT was to be set up in Karnataka and local MLA’s had done various meetings and sent memorandum to human resource development minister Mr.Kapil Sibbal. HRD minister has formally rejected demands for an IIT in Karnataka during the XIth Five Year Plan, snubbing lobbying from top leaders across party lines seeking the institute in their fiefs.

After a very messy affair where in all Political parties tried to get the IIT to their constituency by heavily lobbying with the HRD minister has not worked out. Former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda and Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily had put in their stakes pitching for an IIT in their Lok Sabha constituencies. Chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa sent a letter for an IIT in the northern part of Karnataka (not sure whether he insisted for Belgaum or Dharwad).

Sibal has argued in his letter to Moily that all funds allocated to the HRD ministry under the XIth plan for starting new IITs had been earmarked for the eight promised institutes. So, it will not be possible for the ministry to start an IIT in Karnataka during the current plan, Sibal is learnt to have written.

Sibbal has put a lid on the campaign for an IIT in Belgaum. What went wrong only Mr.Sibbal can tell? But it seems too much lobbying must have caused this and one more dream remains a dream.

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8 thoughts on “No IIT for Karnataka Belgaum not in picture”

  1. There is something more messy and info still at large, we can be sure the plotocal will still neds hard striving force in it which we offcourse lack a lot

  2. we were over confident…all we lost is by the political battle between the oppn and the ruling centre.. well belgaumites its time to wake up…fighting among us is losing for what we need. we have to do something before other snacht from our mouth… we have lost many things we'll all those which we are expecting….. wake up…ask that guy for whom you voted and we need a belgaum which is recognised…we need to develop a city in such that one must tell you are from Belgaum?? wow..

    all the best..

  3. this i suppose was more expected from the politicians of our dear country and karnataka in particular … as Mr. Satish Kumar said ” …. There is something more messy … ” . its the inability of our so called elected members to convince the higher authorities which is resulting in loosing most of the developmental works to karnataka and north karnataka in particular and belgaum to be precise . .. each one wants his constituency to be developed irrespective of whether they deserve it or not … “if i am not getting why should he get it” this is what is happening in our sweet home called karnataka. each one puling each other in the same house ….

  4. Yea..It was expected results from the karnataka govt and congratulations karnataka for keeping this trend ongoing in the case of Belgaum which is the "SECOND CAPITAL" of karnataka and second largest exporter in the state. The city is well developed with some good educational institutions and with culture and has all the potential to have the Best education in country but may be our politicians are more intelligent and taken the decision to not to give permission to build IIT in belgaum.

    It’s very bad news for us and for India that our "LAGAAM" is their in illiterate peoples who only work for money and their prestige and not for any developments or for country.

    We daily read or sometimes watch on TV about their are so many CRORE's of amount released for development works. The figures are so big that normal man can't imagine the actual amount of money which govt releases (It is our money…we pay crores of TAX to govt for development works but nothing happens). If this amount is utilized in proper way and honestly then we should not have been dependent on developed countries (USA and UK) and all this happening because we only elect these representatives who do not have any respect to their country.

    Today we have more than 100 crores population and condition is such that we have to depend on MNC's for jobs or have to move to these countries due to lac of jobs and for career growth. Most of the younger generation today looking job's in private companies and not the govt sectors because they know the only thing runs in govt offices is corruption.

    Why we are not thinking as we can outsource our country jobs to other developed countries? Why the proper use of the money, assets not happening in India? If some one tries to change it the other one will full his leg and make him corrupt. Singapore is 100% non-corruptive and we have the results in front of us.

    I know 100 crores population, its very difficult to implement the development plans as they look on news papers but My dear friends 50 years is very long period. US,UK where they reached in 50 years and where we still.

    Jagooo India……..Jagooo….aur MLA's MP's ko Jagaooooooo…

    Sorry for too lengthy comment on this topic but it’s my true feeling that "Awareness" is directly proportional to “Implementation” and results ===Development.

  5. Well said Sandeep , not lengthy but a meaningfull comment indeed ,and this is what we netziens can start and do , we need to spread larger awareness among Belgaumites first and may be rope in some politicens in time to come to make them realize look what the people who elact you are exepcting from you… I wish it get heard soon , not today but suer teh IIT have to be rality in Belgaum in next budget of Govenrmnet


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