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Kannada now as optional language BCA, BBA and B.Sc (Computer Science)

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The Karnatak University, Dharwad, to convert the status of Kannada language subject for BCA, BBA and B.Sc (Computer Science) from “compulsory” to “optional” for the first two semesters from this academic year (2008-09) has shocked Kannada organizations in Belgaum.

As per the university’s decision, Kannada is now one among the 12 optional subjects listed as modern Indian languages. The other optional subjects are Marathi, Arabic, Additional English, English, French, German, Hindi, Kannada, Prakrit, Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu.

The university decision of September 8 2008 had come just before the first semester examinations. Most of the colleges had completed more than 75 per cent of the syllabus. Now, with the new order coming only a fortnight ago, many students have opted for Marathi and English languages as optional as against Kannada and the faculty was under pressure to complete the syllabus in a hurry.

The Belgaum District Kannada Organizations Action Committee urged the Government to direct the university to withdraw its decision immediately.


According to me, & with no language bias, language as a subject for BBA, BCA and other such is not required. In such courses, your overall marks can come down due to the language. However, some others think otherwise. And imposing Kannada could have hampered many students who came in from other states and from other countries. Now that, its been made optional those students would have a sigh of relief.  But don’t be relaxed this could be even on the day of the exam, so study hard to pass.

Source The Hindu

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