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Vegetable prices kiss the sky

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The buyers of vegetables are sweating it out now only. Inflation has already hit the common mans pocket for the 6 months and prices of all commodities have risen by 10%, some even more.

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In the month of June and July due to the rains the prices had soared said the vegetable marketers and now after there have been good rains the prices have shot up again saying undue rainfall has caused heavy damage. Result, High prices.


Potato Rs.10/Kg, Brinjal – Rs.20/Kg, Chilly- Rs.40/Kg, Beans Rs.30/Kg, Simla Mirch Rs.35/Kg, Cucumber Rs.20/kg, Tomato Rs.25 to 30/Kg, Cauliflower Rs.20/Piece, all leaf vegetables like Palak etc cost anywhere between Rs.3-6.


The above prices prevail in the main market, if you prefer to buy in Tilakwadi or Hanuman Nagar or residential areas the prices go up Rs.10 to 15 per kg. In Tilakwadi, you will get Beans for Rs.45/Kg. This is the same in other areas also.


Prices in Retail stores like Big Bazaar or More are far and more similar, normally on the higher side on a few occasions but only by a Rupee or two. Now that Reliance Fresh is due to open its first outlet on Khanapur road in a couple of days may be, it would have to be keenly seen what are the prices charged there. If, the prices charged by Reliance fresh are similar to that of the main market, which is possible, we could see some impact on the Tilakwadi market for a few days at least.


So eating vegetables no doubt is good for health but now a days is not so good for the pockets. 

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