Lets’ give them choices and not compulsions

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by Suhas Rajput

What is common among Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Sachin & Binny Bansal (of flipkart), Yo Yo Honey Singh, Ankit Fadia, A.R.Rehman, Jwaala Gutta, Dr.Devi Shetty and many others efficacious people is not merely their passion or dedication or attitude towards what they are doing but more importantly is their CHOICE of being what they are today. It would have been certainly a case of making a particular choice by many of the successful people right during their childhood or during their education or during their professional life, but they would underline the choice they have made and feel accomplished at whatever stage of life they are today. But there can also be instances of people entering into a zone of compulsion initially just to realize it as the right one in their later years of life.

Todays, multi-opportunist eco system around us has given us a wide array of choices to make from, as compared to a few that exists few years back. But the same choices comes with a tag of confusion and uncertainty of what suits me and what does not. Looking at it positively, helps an individual in understanding them better and with proper investment of time into them yields into an informed choice.puzzled

Parent’s role in making the choices:

Having accepted the fact that Gen Y is a more outgoing and liberal thinking lot, but parents still influence the decision on making choices for their education to a great extent. Parent’s inputs are indeed the most essential one, but it needs to be also seen whether the child is willingly accepting the choice you make for them or do they have something better for themselves. With the busy career life, every parent would not be aware of the avenues available in the huge list of educational courses and would leave it on the child to make their own decision. This certainly comes with a risk of the child making an ill-informed decision. So, it would be highly advisable for the parents to be in the decision making process of the children’s higher education. And as parents, it need not be mentioned that they are the mentors and should provide them with options and not with a set of compulsions for pursuing their higher studies. My interaction with numerous parents and subsequently their wards has assisted me in understanding the gaps (not the generation gap) and how parents end up giving a limited set of compulsions (of taking up a particular stream only) rather then making the children understand the pros and cons of various choices available. Such a situation leads us to imagine an indigestible picture of the child being sandwiched between the parent’s pressure and the ever demanding educational competition.

Caution of word for students:

Majority of students making their career choice on a single opinion (which at times may not be from a right source) is not only risking your invaluable time but also landing up in a place where you see no road ahead of you. It is always advisable to talk to people who are in the domain (which you plan to take up) and also understand the highs and lows of possibly every option available to you. This small yet essential ground work done by you shall motivate and enable your parents to contribute much more in the decision making process and which would certainly lead to something which the student and their parents have dreamt of.

Considering the fact, that the options help a student in his/her career decision, it also leads to much ambiguity among the parents and their wards. We need to go with an opinion that every stream has its own advantages and no stream is lesser than the other and needs no comparison at all. All it needs to be successful is your attitude to excel, which comes when you have made the right choice for yourself.

Life is something which is between B to D, (Birth to Death) what lies in between is only ‘C’ (Choice) and our life is a matter of choices we make.

About the author: Mr.Suhas Rajput is Central Training & Placement Officer, Karnatak Law Society, Belgaum

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