LKG admission: Those fearful days in life

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Most of you must have been taken by surprise with this post, why this post of LKG admission now?


A simple answer to this, if you are parent of a child aged between 3 years 10 months and less than 4 years 10 months as on June 1, 2009 then you all need to go through this.


Now this is the most important criteria, even if the age of the child is less or more by a single day you do not qualify for the Junior KG admissions in this case. If you are looking for Nursery admissions you should look for 2 years 10months and less than 3 years 10 months. SO approximately for Junior KG, the date of birth of the child should be between 1-08-2004 to 31-07-2005. (This is an approximate date calculation)


First point is checking this out.

Now that you have found yourself in that age slot now what else needs to be done. Original birth certificate is needed to be submitted to the school if your child is admitted and many photo copies will be required at each of the schools as they check the birth certificate mandatorily before giving the forms. If you don’t have one, you still have time to get it done. Now the question where do we get it from, the local health office of the area in which hospital the child was born. For Example: all those born in hospitals of Chidambar nagar, Vadgaon will have to go to the primary health centre of Vadgaon. Birth certificates are issued up to 1 year from there and later on from the City corporation office.


Now that you have got hold of the birth certificate get a few id card photos of your child to be put on the forms, not all schools ask but now a day’s normally all ask for it, so photos must be kept ready.


Keep visiting the schools from now on and keep asking about when the admission process begins, last year I had a tough time as there was no information anywhere on the internet as to how the whole process works, this time you have this site at least.


Understanding the Process:

The admission process is somewhat similar in all schools. You are given forms on particular days, then you fill them up and submit in a time limit and then you are called in for interview of your child and also you. If you are lucky to get a seat in the first list go party if not then go and fall at the feet of the principal and committee members and try and cook something, something will cook for sure.


One more point in this; last year schools like DP and St.Josephs had made area wise admission means if you stay in camp then apply for St.Josephs etc. I had applied in both places but I did not get admission for my child in both, so I would request you to try any one of the two above.


Those long queues in the night outside the same school we studied, this time for only a form. Normally all will get forms as they print in thousands it’s only that you should be there on time.


Last year Herwadkar School began the process on 18th march and other prominent schools began on April 1. This time the timings could be changed keeping in view the loksabha elections, I am not sure but it could affect the admission process.


Now to the most important note, if you interested in some particular school then go and find someone on the committee as a reference, it could be easy for you and now to the dream point MONEY. Keep about 20 thousand ready to pay as development charges or any other name. 20 thousand is just a figure it could be more and you get very less time to pay in so keep those funds ready.


It’s not that all schools take development charges as high as 15 or 20 thousand some schools it is even 5 thousand but you need to be the lucky ones who come up on the first list.


There are some points I would like young parents to go through:

1. Apply in all schools, if you are looking for English medium, then all English medium schools, when I mean all, I mean ALL. St.Pauls, Xaviers, Marys, Herwadkar, Mahila Vidyalaya etc.
2. When you apply start finding some influence or a person who could recommend your child’s name to the managing committee even before you submit the form.
3. When the lists are out and you don’t find your name in the list try hard again and again for some more influence and of course be prepared to shell out more bucks.
4. Even after all this you don’t find your luck, search for some other school.
5. Even if you are there in the list the donations could hold you back, so be prepared to spend a lot, when I mean lot, I mean 
LOTS n lots on money.




 All the above points have been compiled as I have gone all through it. I understand when your child does not make it in the first list what goes on with you.


Also see the previous year’s post which will help you understand the process much better.

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As of today the KLE International school has begin giving forms and the admission process for the same kindly contact in the Lingraj College campus.

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