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Mission admission at its peak

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All schools, especially English medium, saw long lines of parents to obtain forms from yesterday. The line infront of the schools was long very long to collect the forms.

“I was one amongst the thousands of parents waiting in line for their child’s admission. The best part about the process is that I made friends with parents of other children. While waiting in these long queues, we would share information about other schools and discuss strategies of obtaining new forms.” said a parent.

At Divine Providence School, parents had lined up at 10 pm the previous night – just to get forms. They even chose to sleep at the gates to be the first in line. I could not personally muster the courage to sleep overnight and instead went there at 4 am in the morning. Parents already lined up at 4 am – all very anxiously waiting! Imagine the difficult scenario.

Parents at DP school Photo by Ramrao

There are 180 odd seats and 2000+ applications in all schools. This discrepancy could be because some may be applying everywhere but still the demand and supply difference is huge! In some instances the school management is being considerate to parents who camp overnight – they are handed coupons so that their queue is marked, as a result of which they don’t have to stay over night. On this same day, the line for St. Pauls was most likely the longest.

At this moment all the parents are eagerly awaiting approval. All admission results are expected in the next week. Some schools have said they would post the decisions (via mail). This week will be a nightmare for most parents. Our innocent children are oblivious to these complicated & tense situations – they only have a pure wish of ending up in a big school soon.

What if my child doesn’t get admission? What should be my future course? Many agents have surfaced in Belgaum city to plunge into the new trade of admissions. Most of them will be fake (from a qualitative perspective). All we can say to the parent community is to stay optimistic – things will hopefully workout for all of us – May God be with you!

This year the procedure and time table has been issued by the education department:

Schedule of the forthcoming academic year 2012-13:

April 10 – display along with details of the number of seats available in each class.

April 20 and 30 – distribution of forms – Process is on Forms are normally given for 2-3 days.

April 30 – last date of receipt of forms

May 3 – display merit list of students along with the list of rejected candidates

May 5 – last date for submission of complaints/objections

May 6 – Final list of selected candidates

May 15 – All selected candidates should take admissions

May 16- Second list of students for unfilled seats, if any

May 20 – All admissions must complete


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  1. All the best parents . Hope your kid gets the admission in desired school. The one who dont get never mind , there are few more good schools in belgaum you can always approach those schools

  2. one cant understand these mentality for lining up andesperation for admission in english schools .with technology a child can learn from any simple school and still top ultimately it depends on syudents and not the big names of school .belgaum desperately need s good schools which can cater to poor and medium class students .

  3. I believe Its not English medium schools that attracts parents.. its the quality and discipline of the school. So be it English or any other medium you maintain a good standards you will see a line in-front of that school. Unfortunately other medium schools have not been able to meet or beat those expectations.


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