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‘Night vigil’ for LKG application forms

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Parents maintained a ‘night vigil’ at St.Paul’s and St.Joesph’s school from Sunday night to get hold of the LKG application forms for their tiny tots. The forms will be supplied Monday.

Line of parents for Forms for LKG admissions at St. Joesphs Belagavi

As usual many rumors  among the parents that only 1500 applications will be available for admission; made many of them stay put in serpentine; queues from early morning hours till dusk.

A good number of them skipped their days’ work and spent endless hours at the school.
Even as a signboard outside the school, meant to assure the parents, screamed that there were plenty of forms available and there was no need to rush and queue up. Even then, the parents appeared to be the least re-assured.

But the overnight wait of parents to submit forms was an example of propaganda and over enthusiasm. A Mother who had preferred to stand in queue for over 12 hours to submit the form described how it had started. On Sunday noon a single man came and stood in front of the closed gates of the school with the LKG admission. Seeing him a few more persons also came up to start a queue behind him. Information spread fast and by 6 p.m. a large crowd had come out to stand in queue with their night packs.

The persons in the queue also included grand mothers, grand fathers, uncles, aunts other than parents of the Child.

This also speaks of the tension in the minds of the parents to make their children excel, which according to them started from the admission in a premier school. After the long tiring night in the queue, some parents surely had sarcastic remarks on their face, “would our children when they grow up ever remember that we had spent sleepless night to submit form for their school admission”.

4 thoughts on “‘Night vigil’ for LKG application forms”

  1. Is it really worth it? No doubt these schools are the oldest in Belgaum and probably very good school once upon a time. There are many good schools in Belgaum. Student can learn from anywhere and anyhow, if parents have the will to teach and students have passion to learn. For the people of Belgaumites it has become a matter of prestige for their kids to study in these schools rather than quality education.

  2. Indeed , it is a pity that even after 67 years of Independence parents have to spend day and night on road/ outside school for just getting LKG application form . Why not school authorities announce 3 – days for collecting forms and a week after that submission of forms . They can even think of putting up on web page for people to download forms . Education dept and Minister should look into this and streamline the process . Hope such situations are avoided in future . Thanks and all the best .


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