Robbery in Bhagya Nagar – 4.5 lakhs looted

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Robbers broke into a locked house of an elderly couple here in the early hours of Sunday and took away gold and other articles worth Rs.4.59 lakhs.

The incident occurred at the locked house of Vijay Chingale, resident of 7th cross Bhagya Nagar on Sunday morning mostly, when the Mr. & Mrs. Chingale had been to Bengaluru to see their grandson who was unwell.

Police at house of Chingale in Belagavi
Police at house of Chingale in Belagavi
Police at house of Chingale in Belagavi
Police at house of Chingale in Belagavi

The robbery came into light after the Gardener found the main door broken and he called in the neighbors and eventually the police were called in.

The robbers took away only the gold ornaments and left the gold plated ones as it is.

DCP Anupam Agarwal and DCP (Crime) Shivakumar visited the site and assured of a speedy investigation.

Sniffer dog and finder print experts also took part in the investigation.

4 thoughts on “Robbery in Bhagya Nagar – 4.5 lakhs looted”

  1. I laugh at things like this because people are fools. They build big independent bungalows where only two-three people stay. They have balck money in the form of cash, gold, silver, forex and what not.

    There are many unemployed people who want quick bucks, these options are like fast food restaurants.

    Never show off your wealth, live simple. BUT BEING SIMPLE IS NOT SIMPLE.

  2. Not necessarily problem of economic disparity but of a certain section of people thinking that being poor is a right to commit theft/get easy money through schemes. There is so much work available but lack of people who are willing to earn the bucks. Rich people don’t get rich by snapping fingers, they toil hard to get to the place they are – some may get rich easy not all. Think of the cooks or ladies who come for house work and their demands. 4-5 days holidays a month, if one is not monitoring enough, will quickly wrap up and do a bad job and god forbid if you say something they’ll offer to quit at that very moment. Do people with actual jobs with companies or schools etc have the luxury of behaving in this manner? No and then we earn a salary after toiling hard for a month only to hear crap about economic disparity leading to people behaving d unethical way they do


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