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Parents fight together against Amrita Vidyalayam

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Amrita Vidyalayam situated at Guruprasad nagar was full of parents and their children as they all had gathered to ask the school authorities about the way school is being run. There are complaints against the principal Karunaya that she has beaten up children for no valid reason. Another reason is the un qualified staff in the school and frequent changes of the staff. The school is under CBSE hence the education department cannot take any action against the school.
The parents demanded that the principal and a clerk be transfered from here then only they will send their children to school. The governing council members who had come to solve had to face a hard time. It is also said the registration number of CBSE is of their school in Bangalore. The meeting between the parents and committee have failed.

9 thoughts on “Parents fight together against Amrita Vidyalayam”

  1. It is a eye opener to all the parents of all schools the quality of education that is being dished out. This school has relied on lies and outright cheating. It is shame that the fair name of Mata is being sullied by crooks fronting as trustees and principal. The principal is a dictator of the first order along with uncultured non-teaching staff who have no manners to talk to parents. The school does not have staff for teaching higher classes, no sports worth its name, a drawing teacher who takes pleasure in beating young innocent kids. Having said all this there are some teachers who are truly gems and working to their best under impossible circumstances. The trustees have come with a band aid solution when the school required treatment for cancer. They are acting out a farce. The thugs of Amrita are ruining the careers of innocent kids for no fault of theirs. The place for all these is Tihar jail and not a school. This school can only change once the principal and her thug team is ousted.

  2. "The parents demanded that the principal and a clerk be transfered from here then only they will send their children to school." — what does this mean, only your kids should remain safe ? The staff should be transferred and the children from the school where they get transferred should suffer? They should be suspended!!!!!!!!!

  3. School management dont want to solve the problem but creat more problems. Parents and students are not important to them but that principal is more dearer to them. I dont know why the management is protecting the principal.

  4. Actually this school is run by an Kerlian orginisation.And orginisaion is an corrupt & manned with fraud people ,this scam is very big with many big shots involved in corrouption under education sector.The worst part is the women nammed AMMA ,,under her command the oeganisation plays these things .The teachers working here do get paid half salaries by cash & the signed check is retained by the organisition ,also all passbooks & check books also retained by management who eats half salaries of teachers ,& this money comes from central Govt as the school is CBSE.Also here students are forced to devotee The STUPID AMMA & forced to buy her books written on her.

    • Dear Anil mind your language writing about AMMA. Hope you are neither know her nor met her. I am telling ths being a parent of a child who is student of this school.

      Yes, this is karunya who is responsible for this act.

      Please sorry to use this language but it is required at this stage.

  5. Parent,
    Now that the principal is asked to quit hope that things will turn out well for the school. This incident is an eye opener to all those schools and teachers who takes students and parents for granted and function as per their whims and fancies,concentrating only on the financial gain and in the process destroying the very aspect of purity of good education. The student teacher relationship should be such that, the students especially, throughout their lives should always remember their teachers with respect and pride. Teachers should help students to learn rather than to study because when we learn we will remember it through out our lives but studying will remain with us only for a paticular academic year or so. I think this will really help the children to reach heights not only academically but also socially. Let the tribe of the LEARNED increase in our country which wil not only help the the individuals, but also the country in long times to come.


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