Prepare kids to deal with failure, rejection

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by Tejas Kolekar

Whenever I hear any incidents of suicide in youngsters, I really feel a Genius is lost. It was only for that moment when that child loses the confidence, which could be handled well if they know how to deal with rejections and failures. Failures are a part of life; they come and go. What we need to do is prepare them mentally for such situations.

Communication plays a vital role in understanding situations and emotions. A child has a lot of things to discuss with their parents, but the priorities what we choose make them feel lonely. I would request each parent to analyze the requirements children have and spend time with them discussing it. Add proper values by first following it yourself, which they will adapt automatically later. Give them the liberty to come and talk to you on any matter without any hesitation and let them know you are there to listen, understand, and help.

Children feel lonely only when they don’t have anyone to share their feelings. The society also plays a very important role in handling today’s young children. We together should take responsibility for promoting good values and help them follow it.

failureMoral support and emotional understanding from closed ones is the top priority for a healthy relation. This will, in turn, boost confidence and increase the ability to handle tough situations of life. There are problems for everyone, but smart people are those who come out of it with a plan and a proper solution. Parents need to understand that when they communicate and share their feelings, they like it very much and it makes them relaxed.

Quality time with family becomes very important than any other priorities in your life. With a healthy parent-child relation, things get conveyed very easily and it makes the child learn faster. Things like decision making and handling emotions are the most important things in today’s world for each parent-child to learn and adapt and help each other in times when one needs it.

It is useless to comment after a mishap about things you had to do. If there are any hints which you are getting about, reach out to the child, teachers, and take help from the concerned, but please do not ignore or wait for something to happen. A LIFE LOST CAN NEVER COME BACK AT ANY COST. How to handle failure or rejections of life need to be counseled from the parents or educators to children today, because it is the culture being build up by the society today that you have to WIN always whatever may be the situation.

Understand the Parenting your child needs and act Accordingly.

Written by Tejas Kolekar, Educator & Personal Coach 9916835550

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