Rural Ayurveda College to close

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Medical Education Minister S.A. Ramdas directed the officials to withdraw permission given to Rural Ayurveda College of Belgaum.

The Rural Ayurveda College of Belgaum was being run without any facilities and 38 out of 40 students of the college who appeared for the university exams have failed.

All the students will be relocated to different colleges and the permission of the college has been canceled.

The students of the college were on protest from a fortnight demanding the same. The college has no facilities of labs etc and even lectures were not conducted on a daily basis. The college was situated at Auto Nagar, Belgaum.


3 thoughts on “Rural Ayurveda College to close”

  1. ABVP's veteran win here…….

    After 400+ hours of strike since 23rd may tilll 8th june, ended yesterday victorious as concerned minister announces closure of this FAKE college , students to get new admissions in new colleges , councelling to be held in bangalore soon. We wont step back untill students are secured. But despite of posting this Movement in diiferent blog's , Belgimites response was too low , none met us in this regards.
    Atlastly higher officials took this to government , govt set committee and then the decision.

    It makes atleast me to think the will power of Belgimites to fight against this issues. Yes , defintely ABVP may be the reason , which ppl wear a dark glass to us as communal student movement . But did any tried this on their behalf to report DC , Govt .

    Despite few LIKES in facebook , supporting replies none took step ahead to join this moment. In between this we had couple of Individual attacks on us during this 18 days strike , activists injured, lady students threatened.
    But we faught against a false POLITICIAN , Leader of a ruling party ….! Mr K.D.Deshpande , now he bows his head down with full of shame.

    My only wish , stop alledging ABVP , if any wrong and miss use of its name and fame. plz contact us for GENUINE TRUTH. PPl may distract ABVP's name to false reasons. we are there to correct this. join us in our further fights for major issues Corruption , black money , fake colleges (plz provide info), harashment of students , ragging . I am proud to be belgimite which is moving ahead of its own problems so fast. But i wish ppl to grow mature and brave to fight out this above problems. MUst to evey citizen , i wish to see ppl brave as mumbai ppl do , attending their Duty frm very next of any riots , bomb blasts, hats off to them , their willl power to fight out. we will do it , i believe.



    PRAFUL KODLI 9738516864

  2. I think the students should alternatively go to court and file case against the institution, who will give them back the one year that was lost? sue them for 10-20 crore.


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