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Dy Mayor demanded money

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Mayor Manda Balekundri yesterday alleged that deputy mayor Dhanraj Gauli had demanded a sum of Rs.20 lakhs as a bribe from her to attend the council meetings. It may be noted that Manda Balekundri was elected unopposed as the Mayor three months ago.

At a press conference held yesterday the Mayor along with Sambhaji Patil made this allegation. She said that Mr.Gauli had demanded the money so that money could be distributed amongst the councilors, after which they would attend the meetings of the corporation. Mr.Gauli said all the allegations are baseless and are defamatory.

The Hindu states” Mr. Sambhaji, a four-time Mayor, quoted Abhay Kumar Patil, MLA, as saying that the latter had paid Rs. 50,000 to all the councillors to elicit support for Mr. Gauli during the mayoral elections.

Further, Mr. Sambhaji said that Mr. Patil and Feroz Sait, another MLA, had accepted Rs. 25 lakh from one Dalvai at the house of Suresh C. Angadi, MP, to “manage” Yallappa Kurbar’s election as Mayor in March 2009.”


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  1. only i can say that bcoz of these people our belgaum reputation going down ………..they are real f…ker making drama of our soul ……………..they dont have any right .

  2. we elect them…but do we have a choice???coz almost every one who sits on those chairs,,, contest with d same intention______

  3. Every thing has bcum extremly commercial…are the people sitting on chair for the development of belgaum or their respective homes….


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