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Heavenly journey to Tillari

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Belagavi is surrounded by nature’s beauty and one can find beautiful places to relax and one such place is Tillari.

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It’s a paradise; spot the beauty in the ghats and the water falls at Swapnavel point. There 3 waterfalls which will dampen your eyes with the beauty of heaven. Fog, the lush green trees and in this season the fresh scent of green grass is worth it. But as this area is not developed as a tourist destination be prepared for hardships. No sign boards or milestones, no food and even for that matter petrol pumps so be prepared for all this before you leave. It is advisable to take food & water along.

Tillari is about 65 kms from Belagavi.



How to go there and what to see:

To see Tilari dam and waterfalls one has to take Belagavi-Ganeshpur-Belgaundi-Tilari Road. It is very hard to tell exactly locations of waterfalls as there are no information boards or milestones. The sound of waterfall #1 can be heard from the road itself as it is very near. A small pass takes you there. From there, waterfall #2 and 3 and Swapnavel point can be reached. [Points marked on images]tillarimap1

Entrance to Tilari dam without permission is prohibited, so one has to take permission from official personnel.

Entire red circled area is so picturesque that it looks extremely beautiful. If the view is covered with dense misty fog one can wait till it disperses.tillarimap2

Ghat section after Kadoli is awesome, but extremely dangerous because of deadly serpentine curves.


If you are planning to go there on bikes you must keep waterproof rain wears ready. As it can rain anytime even before you realize it’s raining you will be drenched.

Do not expect any shops, restaurants, petrol pumps. You may not find a single person throughout the route till you reach Tilari nagar.

To return to Belagavi it is advisable to take Tilari Nagar-Patane Phata road which connects to Amboli-Belagavi road.

So go and enjoy the heavenly paradise, many holidays ahead; Stay Safe.

34 thoughts on “Heavenly journey to Tillari”

  1. Its a nice description u've provided in this small article. but i think its falling short because u should have shown pictures of swapnavel pt. popular falls. and the sunset pt where the entire ghat is visible .
    thank u

  2. Last week (26th Sep to 3rd Oct 2009) my family took a drive holiday from Chennai to Goa and back. Looking at your website we took a detour via Tillari and Belgaum on return journey. It is really worth it inspite of 5Km bumpy road. The scenery is terrific. A word of caution. We were lucky our vehicle did not have any problem. Better to go in two vehicles for safety since the route is quite lonely

  3. just to share the information with you that the roads to tilari dam are now well maintained and the new resort is getting started there shortly. home stay break fast and meals along with boating in dam.
    feel free to contact.
    Vikas Kulkarni

  4. Going to Belgaum via Dodemarg route – Tillari Ghats…. is always been my passion…. the roads are always clear.. not much traffic… the ghats are breath taking…. little dangerous thou as the road on the ghats are in bad shape … the remote villages… and the village atmosphere .. is like remembering our old days.. when i was little… people say don't ge via Tillari ghats.. its dangerous.. but me… I like the adventure…
    Allwyn Joseph Vaz – Mapusa Goa.

  5. Why can’t the Govt build ( or allow others) a decent Rest House with clean toilet facilities in such places? Same is the case with Doodhsagar falls! You return disgusted after visiting such beautiful and picturesque places. People are ready to pay for the facilities. The returns on the Investments can be fabulous!

  6. It’s good that there are no hotel etc well people’s visit and pollute the whole place so to keep echo diversity of the forest should be kept as it is

  7. Tilari is comes under Chandgad Taluka. Yes there is one approach road from belgaum-vengurla highway. you have to take diversion from patane phata (on belgaum-vengurla highway) to tilari dam. also near to Patane pahata there is one more dam i.e Jagahmmatti Dam.

  8. There is one another place for tourism that nothing but KOLIK Tal Chandgad distance from belgaum is 37 km.
    You can see no of waterfall opposite the swapnwel point scene that is devachinadhi (god river) and you have to walk from kolik to this god river point scene is awesome but need to guide by local person.
    This point distance is walkable from kolik i.e. 1 km.

    2. Bhandura water fall is very nice.
    3. Fog scene
    4 . Tilari main Dam scene can view from mhalunge village phata to main Dam is 5 km from dhanagar wads but road is vey rough
    4. There will be developing for tourism resort and hotel at kolik in future may be year 2020-2021.

    How to reach kolik from belgaum:
    1.Belgaum – rakaskop- tudiye bypass road – Ecocane sugar factory road -mhalunge – banndura river kolik – kolik ( 38 km)
    By own vehicle is best option

    2. By bus :
    A.Belgaum Bogaress stop to tudiye by minibus
    Next journey from tudiye kolik stand 2 o’clock bus is available and coming from chandgad (departure 1 clock ) towards kolik arrival 3.30 am vice versa.

    If any thing more do you want call me.
    We can arrange facility such travel and resort arrangement.
    +91 9987888361

  9. Kolik Tourist Spot you can contact with me I will provide taxi service to visit tourist spot 9 seater.

    1. God River

    2. Bandu Water fall

    3. Devachi river water fall 24×7 ( whole years)

    4. Mahadev temple.

    Dattu Gawade
    +91 7219524262 ( home)
    +91 8805791864


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