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Holy or The Miraculous Cross at Nandgad

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holy cross nandgadNandgad is a small village 33 Kms from Belagavi and 8 kms from Khanapur in Khanapur Taluka. 

There is a holy cross atop a hill at the entrance of the village.
Legend says – Deadly plague had been haunting the villages around Nandgad and had brought many deaths. Tired of these deadly occurring, the people here prayed and vowed to God that they would erect Christ’s cross on one of the hills. To everyone’s astonishment that the plague really disappeared and haunts them no more. Hence, with grateful heart and touched soul, the people of Nandgad really did erect Christ’s cross on the hill.
Photographs by Vijay Lingayat


holy cross nandgad


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  1. Hi. I plan on coming to see the Holy Cross church in Nandgad from Belgavi. By train.
    What transport go there? Rickshaw?
    How far is it from the railway station

    • nearest station is Khanapur however not all trains will stop here best would be to travel from Belgaum – u can get buses to Nandgad or even Khanapur and u can take a small tempos to Nandgad then


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