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Nersa, A Wonderful place

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First posted on February 2008.
Love the outdoors and don’t mind a holiday with an adventurous twist? Then head to the Hermitage Guest House.

As an Eco-lodge located in a World Heritage site such as the Western Ghats, we at The Hermitage believe that it is imperative to help protect and preserve this heritage.
Just getting to the farmhouse, located in the Western Ghats in Belagavi district of Karnataka, is an adventure by itself! The village is in the forest range of Londa at the border of Goa and Karnataka.
The Hermitage Guest House is located 45 km away from Belagavi.
The farmhouse is run by David and Morvarid Fernandez who are excellent hosts. While David takes you for exciting walks around the place, Morvarid serves the most delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Make sure you get loads of exercise on those walks and treks so you can do justice to the meals!hermitage-belagavi
David knows the area like the back of his hand and will happily educate you on the plants, trees, birds and other inhabitants of the forest. Don’t be surprised if he recounts an adventure about coming face to face with a bear!
There is plenty of walking and trekking, depending on your levels of fitness. We have bikes for hire if this is what you prefer. Cool of with a swim in the late afternoon, and come back to a relaxing drink at sundown with a jolly good dinner to follow!Bird watch throughout the year, wake up to the call of the jungle fowl, and nod off at night to the hoot of an owl. Katrina will identify all our spiders, beetles and ants for you and accompany you on a nature walk.

Images from the Camera Trap
Images from the Camera Trap

Get an insight into rural India, as it really is, meet with the local community with a visit to the village. There are no ‘staged’ tribal dances at the Hermitage, or the mandatory backbreaking bullacart rides of the tourist trail.
Your hosts David and Morvarid are middle aged but still young at heart! Katrina has completed her Ph.D in conservation biology and is now busy researching Indian River otters.

hermiFor accommodation, do ask for the Machan if it is available. It can be a little shaky, but once you get used to it, you will find it hard to swap it for the comforts of a concrete structure!
It has a little sit-out where you can blissfully gaze into the forest and the mountains beyond.
There is a lot to see if you’re adventurous and curious. Deep inside the Londa range there are 200 bats inside a laterite cave. If you want to skip the batty experience, ask David to take you trekking or on a jeep excursion.
There are several scenic spots where you can sit and relax.
The Machan: A home on stilts eleven feet above the ground with great views. Built with bamboo and wood. There is a private western style bathroom at ground level, open to the sky. Look up and delight in the green forest canopy, you will find it far more interesting than a book! Cold running water supplied on tap, hot water available from a ‘Bhum’, located near by. The Machan is not electrified.
The Kadaba: Built in the traditional style of the area, the Kadaba is a typical village home. Based on a raised foundation of rammed earth, the Kadaba is built of bamboo, wood and mud plaster. Modern western style bathroom, open to the sky, built with bamboo and thatch. Cold running water supplied on tap, hot water available from a ‘Bhum’ located close by in the recreation area. Not electrified (Two young children can also be accommodated in this cottage.)

The Gota: Is a rural cottage, with cool soothing interiors. The floors are locally made red clay tiles, and the roof is distinctive, because of the old recycled, hand made village tiles. There is a modern western style bathroom attached, with running hot and cold water. The Gota is electrified. (Two young children can also be accommodated in this cottage.)

Dinning at the Hermitage
Dinning at the Hermitage

Prices start from 2500 per person with meals.
Other activities also chargeable separately. visit this site for more details.
The Hermitage Farms, Post Box 23, Nersa Village, Khanapur Taluka, Belgaum District, Karnataka, India 591302
Phone: +91-9341692211, +91-92426-23020, +91 9341998610

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  1. great place… even i came to know about it some time back during my case studies.
    i think its a great holiday retreat.. Very few people knew about it.. I hope atleast now, belgaumites would give a try for it.


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