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By Chaitanya Halgekar

Ishfaq Nazir, captain of AK United is a very busy character on the field. He is generally seen on the ground making changes in the field, waving to his fielders, shouting out to get everything right and looking for every opportunity.
Today, the second over of Anand Cricket Academy’s innings was bowled by Nazir himself and as usual he was tremendously active in setting the field. For the first three deliveries he had a man at sweeper cover to protect the boundary. However, he brought that fielder inside the third yard circle just before the fifth ball. The batsmen played a lovely cover drive on the fifth ball and the fielder who was brought inside the circle stopped it with ease. Great thinking. A point scored for proactive captaincy.
Nazir then asked the fielder at third man boundary to come inside the circle for the sixth ball. On the next ball, the batsmen scored a boundary by hitting the ball in the vacant third man region. Poor field setting. A point lost for thinking too much.
One of the vital aspects of captaincy is field settings. And maybe that’s why captaincy is regarded as a crown with thorns. Great captains are generally associated with effective field settings and thoughtful decisions.
Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Imran Khan and Saurav Gangully are always considered as ‘aggressive’ captains because of their positive mind set and bold moves on the field. This is where the difference lies. The margin between ‘bold’ and ‘over-aggressive’ captaincy is very faint and a lot of times captains tend to cross the line without even knowing it.
It’s hard to tell whether Nazir today crossed that line or not. Because in Cricket it’s almost impossible to make a judgment. But one thing for sure. Nazir is a busy character on the field.

Today’s Result-
1. Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy Vs Sairaj Youraj Warriors- Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy won by 38 runs.
2. AK United Vs Anand’s Cricket Academy- Anand’s Cricket Academy won by 6 wickets.

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