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Rajhuns Gad Yellur Gad the pride of Ancient Belagavi

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By Sujay Nimbalkar – Special Correspondent

Rajhunsgad is surrounded by greenery of farms and fields with rice as a major crop. Yellurgad (Yellur Fort) located within the vicinity of Belagavi Taluka, on hillock with a breathtaking view.It is situated nearly 2,500 ft (762 m) above sea level. According to sources, this Fort dates back to history many centuries ago among different kingdom and its rulers including the Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Peshwas-Marathas.578px YellurgarhView of surrounding villages from top

The fort on top of hill is visible from almost all areas of Belagavi. It is also believed that there existed a secret tunnel from the Belagavi fort upto Rajhunsgad during the ancient period. In this fort, a beautiful Temple of ‘Lord Shiva’ is situated where most of the people staying in and around the villages of this fort visit and pray every Monday. There is Well of sweet water on top of this hill. It is infact an admirable archeology of the past architects and rulers. An awesome view of Belgaum City can be had from this fort.

30112009755Nandi in front of Shiva TempleShiva temple on Rajhunsgad Fort

How to reach:

One can reach Rajhunsgad village on the foot of this hill via- Desur village or from Yellur & Sulga and then climb the fort on kutcha road. Experienced riders can reach upto the entrance of the fort on top on Motorcycles but this path (kutcha road) is too steep for motorcycles. However, this is an excellent place for Trekking.One of the secret passage at the foot of the FortThe Pillar of the Fort and partial view of secret passage on right

On an interaction with Sri.Siddharth Hiremath (Poojari) of this Shiva temple in the fort told us that, This Fort in spite of having a rich historic relevance is always neglected by administration. The temple’s maintenance cost is mainly borne by the people of surrounding villages of Rajhunsgad, Sulga, and Yellur etc.

Well of Sweet water on top of the Hill30112009860

Though  MPs, MLAs and a couple of Ministers along with the administration authorities have visited this ancient fort and have assured for its development as a tourist place, the assurance tends to remain on paper as usual. Moreover, miscreants try to damage the sanctity of the fort including the temple’s premises by dirtying the surroundings etc. People of Belgaum should take note of this fact and come forward to help in preserving the structure of our Belgaum having rich historic relevance.

Photos: Mr.Sujay, Mr. Ravi Vakkund & Mr. Ashok Sankannavar

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  1. it seems to be the pride for the city where our people lived and ruled for decades and centuries …now is is worst then a public toilet… god help us to save the monuments…..
    the authorities will do nothing …..they just Ignore…!!!

  2. I always dreamt of having a cable car service (rope way) to Raj hans gad from some near by point in Belgaum , to boost tourist attarction , I am sorry it never workedout , this place is just not historic but also beautiful during rainy season when clouds cover half of the summit of this fort, there were many promises for devlopment of this area , I wish some private parties come forward to beutify and devlop this area

  3. Hi Sujay,

    Thanks for nice Pictures. This pictures given me my childhood memories were we use to go by Cycle to Yellur and then by walk to Gad.

  4. According to history, Shivaji stayed in the Bhimgad fort on his return to Raigad after winning the Basarur Fort, which was under the Adilshahis of Bijapur. Shivaji's son Sambhaji also stayed in the Bhimgad fort before he waged an attack on the Portuguese at Fonda. The fort used for safe keeping of several historic documents and records.

    There was a public outcry over the sale proposals of both the forts. People in Khanapur taluk forwarded a letter to the Archaeological Department expressing their resentment over the sale of Bhimgad fort. The department, in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Belgaum, asked him to take proper care of the fort. An official from the department reportedly visited Bhimgad and submitted a report on his findings there

  5. The Deputy Commissioner asked the Khanapur tahsildar to furnish him with full details on the issue, it was reported. A reply from the tahsildar is awaited.

    Sources reveal that a person has already come forward to purchase the Rajhans fort for Rs 35 lakhs. The sale notice, meanwhile, has kicked up a furore in the villages. The villagers allege that the Patawardhans are merely owners of 10 acres and 10 'gunthas' of land and not of the fort. They have decided to take out a procession in the city on March 10 against the sale of the fort.

  6. Was in the news in March 2005 ( MUST READ ) Fort Was allmost sold for 35 lakhs.
    Belgaum (Karnataka): The proposed sale of two historic forts – 16th century Bhimgad fort at Gavali village and the Rajhans fort at Yellur – built during Chatrapathi Shivaji's reign has caused huge public outrage and protests in Belgaum.
    The caretakers' proposals have come under sharp sentiment-related public rebuke and shooting of protest memoranda to the authorities concerned.
    In case of the Bhimgad Fort, caretakers Gadkaris are reported to have already signed a sale deed with a private company in Kerala. As per the deed, portions of the fort having archaeological significance would be sold to the company. The company also gets ownership right for 90 of the 233 acres of land belonging to the company.
    In the Rajhans fort case, Srimanth Raghunath Rao Patwardhan, the Maharaj of Kurundwad, who claims to be the owner, reportedly issued a notification for the sale of fort with premises in a newspaper.

    • FORT BHEJNEKA MATLAB, APNE APKO BHEJNEKA. Those people built to build a nation not to devide, they struggle for Success!! Humanity!! Hinduism!!,etc… Dharma is the main thing. We people are dyeing for property/money,etc…. thier names are sealed out inside of every indian person. chote bachheko bhi pucho – WHO IS SHIVAJI MAHARAJ (Agar hum abhi zinda hain hai to uska kaaran shivaji maharaj hain….) JAI SHIVAJI JAI BHAVANI – I AM KANNADIGA I LOVE MY NATION & I AM PROUD TO BE INDIAN

  7. Pleased to see these photos & information. I was in Yellur for 25 years and enjoyed this cool nature around this fort. Feel proud to hear & talk about Rajhans Gagh. Now those memories got refreshed…after reading this article..

    Thanks for sharing….


  8. Nice picture and information about rajhuns gad , Thanks sujay for reminding me , nice picture of fort,i have proud to stay in Yellur .

  9. Hi
    Thanks for your article on yellur fort
    This fort and yellur has given me lot of things in my life.
    I born and brought up in yellur.


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