Sankalp Bhumi the farm resort Belagavi -Be with nature the natural style

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Birds eye view of Sankalp Bhumi resort Belgaum

Thick set of trees, sprawling lawns, and a large lagoon surrounded by picturesque rocks and inbetween is the 8 room oasis carved out of discarded materials and salvaged waste.

Sounds implausible?

The 8 room Sankalp Bhumi the farm resort Belgaum has come up in an abandoned stone quarry near JaintanMal, Belgaum. The deep chasm created after the removal of the black stone was filled up with over 800 truck loads construction waste from other sites and is about 7.5 kms from Belgaum city.
The resort is basically a homestay(A
tithi home stay scheme) concept recognized by the Govt of Karnataka.

This 8 acres of waste land now is a safe heaven with peace and tranquility. Sanjay Kulkarni speaking to AAB described the journey of this resort as “Being with nature and giving it back what it deserves.”

The rooms of the resort are built with from broken tiles, old discarded windows, doors, wooden planks, stones, bricks and whatever else that could be salvaged from demolition sites. Not only the rooms, even the cafeteria and conference halls were built from waste, each designed to be in tune with nature.

The view of the Quarry earlier

The totally green structures have been carved out of waste materials over the years. The main attraction is the small pool like lagoon on the banks of which the rooms are built in a such a fashion which is similar to the Kashmiri house boat with wooden interiors and water beneath.

The seating arrangement is made from discarded doors and windows which adds to the over all colourful look at the cafeteria which also has some artifacts made out of sand waste from castings.

The rustic charm is maintained all over with the use of salvaged materials, some displaying tiled roofs, others grass roofs. The Lagoon is filled and streamlined with natural water and so is the swimming pool. The continuous seepage of water from the rocks was streamlined into the two.

Rooms on the bank of the Lagoon

sankalp-bhumi-belgaumSanjay Kulkarni further said, people laughed at him about 6 years ago, as to why he was wasting his time in that barren quarry. He says nothing was planned in this resort(Laughing not even the resort). We kept on adding things as there was a need, like for water we dug up bore wells but only a couple were able to give us water, with the others we streamlined the natural water from the rocks into those wells and now the water level has elevated over the years. We did not cut a single tree, we built everything keeping the nature as it is. Some rooms have been built with even an open bathrooom.

Anyone who wants to have a relaxed life and rejuvenate himself or herself this is the place. With no TV in rooms you can spend time boating, playing indoor games, yoga, bird watching, rock climbing and rappelling, swimming or just spending the time with your loved ones.

The food served is also very homely and made by locals with the local flavors and touch and is very homely. There are rooms both AC and non AC but the one common factor is nature at its best and the natural way.

The elite rooms (2) are built on a height amidst two barren quarry rocks which have the independent natural pond with fishes in it and also the birds have their nest just over it. The rocks form one wall of the room and in one case even the side of a bathroom which is open from both sides.

Another one of mention are the Kashmiri Shikara type rooms on the banks of the lagoon which resembles Tatami rooms in Japan with wooden floorings and the lagoon infornt of it. Ceaseless chatter of the birds fills the tiles, the tables emerging from discarded wooden planks, logs, doors luxuriously stretched in comfort.

The resort is also a good place for small marriages and receptions with separate amphitheater and hall again all made from natural and waste materials.
Totally in tune with nature in its rustic uncorrupted state, the resort stands testimony to what can be achieved by simply recycling waste innovatively, while adding a bit of creativity to the entire process .

For booking contact: Abhishek Pandit – 08867013633
Sankalp Bhumi The Farm Stay, Parvati Nagar Jaitanmal, Belagavi 

13 thoughts on “Sankalp Bhumi the farm resort Belagavi -Be with nature the natural style”

  1. Please sir tell me details about your food menu… swimming cost ..want to stay 4 to 6 hour ..I want dinner with soft cold drink..or also mentioned swimming costume available there or not…

  2. To be honest lots of services can be improved and attitude of the staff not good.
    If you plan in summers water body will be dry. If you compare the service charges are too high. If you anyone planning for a day trip best would be agadi farms near hubli.

  3. Visited with family on 9th june. Total surprise to see this lush green location inside Belgaum city. Many are not aware of this location. Best time to visit is during rainy season

    1. Rocky mountains around with greenary – Rare combination.
    2. Very kind and supportive staff
    3. Delicious North karnataka style Veg Food
    4. Beautiful spacious Wooden cottages with all amenities.
    5. Swimming pool, artificial water fall is awesome.
    6. Peacocks, rabbits and ducks roam around.
    7. Pottery !!
    Cons :
    1. Very difficult to reach this place. No sign boards for direction, bad road.
    2. Waterfall is slippery. Flooring needs to be changed which is safe.

    Overall amazing exp. Recommend to all family and friends.


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