Spicejet could fly from Belgaum to Bangalore from Nov 22


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Local news papers like Tarun Bharat, Pudhari have made a story that Spicejet is most likely to commence services from Belgaum on November 22. 

The arrival time would be 0830 from Bangalore and same flight would depart to Bangalore at 0900 hours.

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The DGCA site which has the winter schedule 2012-13 (Effective from 28th October 2012 to 30th March 2013) and the Spicejet winter schedule makes no mention of Belgaum in its schedule.

The local dailies have made this story from their sources who happened to meet the Spicejet officials who were here for inspection.

When this Blog contacted Spicejet we dont get any favorable answer, but just a routine that stay tuned for updates. 

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. Can see Belgaum in Spiceht website ….in the drop down list…

    Belgaum to Bangalore , Chennai……Looks like Hubli flight extended to Belgaum

  2. Something is better than Nothing !! …. Having said that Belgaum – Mumbai flight would have been of more benefit to the people pf Belgaum !!


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