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Firing range dispute intensifies

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A complaint was filed by MP Suresh Angadi against Col Vinod Kumar of Infantry school for assaulting the college’s guard states the TOI.

In the meanwhile the Tahshildar of Belgaum Preetam Nasalapure has stated that the disputed land of 16.8 acres belongs to the State Govt and revenue records say the same. This version of the Tahshildar was however scrapped by the army officials and they said they had documents to prove they are in possession of the land and also documents to prove the same that they are the rightful owner.

The 16.8 acres of grazing land which is in dispute is amidst the Baghdad and Asmara firing ranges. The army is constructing wall around its property citing security reasons and is also building the wall across this disputed 16.8 acres of grazing land.

MP Angadi has built Angadi institute of Technology and Management which is run by Suresh Angadi Education Foundation. The MP has been at war with the army officials since November 2009.

The army says that it has not issued a NOC to the college and even then it is working, on the other hand Angadi says there is no need of a NOC as the land on which the college is built is private. 

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  1. No Matter what I stand with Army , becsue if the COD (Code of enquiry ) will come and any Army officer is involved in the mishandling the case of transfer of land record with (currupt) Tehsildar ( as we all know these govt Babus) , Army will suerly take strict action where as the tesildar will grease some ministers palms with their illgotten earned money to escape the clutches of law and so are the Ministers hand in gloves with few currupt govt officials.


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