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Don’t worry if there is no drinking water people shall drink Pepsi and Sugarcane Juice

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In the year 2016, though we have already received average annual rainfall in the north Karnataka region, many people in various parts of North Karnataka are supplied with drinking water at a frequency of 3 days, 5 days, 7 days. This time duration will increase as we approach summer season.

But no worries, even if there is scarcity of drinking water, Pepsi and Sugarcane can be still supplied to the people. Whole population in the low rainfall region can survive by drinking Sugarcane juice and Pepsi.

snk-waterAs our city and regional administration meticulously provides 4,00,000 liters of drinking water to the PEPSI plant in Dharwad, sugarcane growers illegally take away water from canals, sugar factories lift water from rivers (even when country has a surplus sugar stock for 2 years).

Does it look like a drought situation from any angle ? We the people, do not have ample water for drinking, but PEPSI gets 4,00,000 liters every day, and we all blindly demand to divert water from forest .

We are not utilizing our own water resources wisely , and there is no assurance that we may use water efficiently.

We will destroy our own forest in Karnataka by constructing dams and canals, for diverting Mahadayi water.

During drought , French queen said once “If they don’t have bread to eat, then why don’t they eat cake”.

After the destruction of the crest forest, we are sure that the rain fall in the North Karnataka will reduce, we are sure that it will affect the rainfall in Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Markandeya river, Rakaskop and Hidkal dam. After this massive destruction, Hubli- Dharwad will not receive the same quantity of water, what they get now.

[160 TMC water = >440,000 crore liters of water]

Save North Karnataka Initiative: Life, livelihood and future depends upon availability of water. There is a rapid depletion of water and desertification of North Karnataka. 
This is an initiative, to create awareness  of dangers and solutions  to those who are at risk.
The Save North Karnataka Initiative is
taken up by a group of RESEARCHERS who have in depth knowledge about the topography and impact of change and all points are based on the observations of Mahadayi Water Tribunal.

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