Panel Discussion on Internet of Things IoT

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TiE Hubli in association with KLS’ IMER, Belagavi had organized a ‘Panel Discussion on Internet of Things (IoT) – Opportunities and Threats’ at IMER Auditorium on Wednesday (20th July 2016).

The Panelists were Mr. Divyesh Shah, Founder & CEO, LinkEZ Technologies, Bengaluru, Mr. Abhishek Latthe, Founder & CEO, SenseGiz, Sanfrancisco, US, Mr. Swapneel Patnekar, Founder and CEO, Shreshta IT Technologies, Belagavi, and Mr. Koustubh Karnataki, ‎Chief Engineer, FluxGen Engineering, Bengaluru.

iot-imer-tieMr. Karnataki who also moderated the discussion, initially gave a bird’s eye view of Internet of Things. The discussion focused on the impact of IoT on consumers and on industries in Belagavi such as manufacturing, logistics, health-care, etc.. While some degree of misuse was inevitable, panelists were of the opinion that the threat from not adopting IoT and therefore falling behind the curve was greater.

Abhishek Latthe said the IOT revolution that is happening underway and how it can be applicable to consumer and enterprise customers in India. Also about how the products and services around t have to be customized for the Indian market rather than just expecting Western products to work here. He also spoke about a mindset change that needs to happen for Indians to embrace IOT products in everyday life.
Panelists also spoke about the role of educational institutions in spreading awareness about this next phase of the industrial revolution, i. e., the fourth industrial revolution that encompasses IoT. The Panel Discussion was followed by a Q&A session.

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