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Temporary dividers put at Sanchayani Circle AAB impact

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DSC00395impactTemporary dividers put at Sanchayani Circle AAB impactTemporary dividers in the form of barricades have been installed at the Sanchayani Circle after which has helped the flow of traffic.

On March 29, 2011 AAB had carried a story on the same “Sanchayani Circle could be life taker”. This is another IMPACT of the AllaboutBelgaum story. AAB was the first one to highlight the issue.


9 thoughts on “Temporary dividers put at Sanchayani Circle AAB impact”

  1. IS this Sanchayani Circle anymore we see KLE Society taking care of the fountain there where as Sanchayani does not exit anymore

  2. That is a real IMPACT…. congrats.
    By the way the first set of culprits" who hv started to put banners on the nicely painted walls ( for VKS) are:

    1. VETA – English speaking training institute in Belgaum
    2. Gnyandeep Tutorials

    Ridiculous to see an "educational" institute forgetting the basic civic manners … wonder what knowledge it imparts to the students?

    Where can I register a complaint against these two?


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