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Whose road is it anyway

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During the first week of March citizens of Belgaum were surprised to see the the widening work being taken up of the Khanapur Road from Sanchayni Circle to Gogte Circle.

Work was done 24*7 from March 5 and now if one goes from that road, we get a feeling as if we are in a village road made under some scheme.

Firstly one side of the road was never widened infornt of the St.Anthony’s church, even when a huge tree was brought down for this actual road widening never happened.

Khanapur Road dug up across the road for laying pipes

Above all this, Cantonment board in last week of March dug up on the sides to lay water pipes from both the sides. The newly made was dug up within a month. The PWD who made the road(half) as this comes under the NH4A, demanded a compensation from the Cantonment board and the Board has agreed to pay Rs. 3 Lakhs for the same. Cantonment also says that they had taken approval for the same months ago.

Is this a NH

The stretch from Fish market towards Sanchayani Circle for about 150 mtrs is the smallest and one has to move at a snails pace as road dug for laying the water pies has been just filled up and if any vehicle goes on it there is chance of it to get stuck in the debris.

BSNL had dug this up at Sanchayani Circle. when will this be patched

Now that the road then was made for the VKS work was one 24×7 but now when will the road work be finished and as this road has heavy traffic of Heavy vehicles as well the PWD should look into completing the work at the earliest.

Many people take the camp route and avoid Khanapur road for this reason.


3 thoughts on “Whose road is it anyway”

  1. Dear Uday… You touch real issues. With your blog update, only people with net access get to know. Suggest that your blog content as updated issue by issue must be printed and put up at a few prominent mitra mandal or yuvak mandal notice boards for common people to see.

  2. Disappointing.. Shame on the leaders coz they just do is "Worthless piece of Sh**s". Not CAPABLE of doing anything. Sorry for using profanity guys and Uday dada but this is what I can say about these people…

  3. We complain.. but where are the guys who would like to come forward and make a difference to the city ? When muncipal or Cantt. Board elections come we all shy away from coming forward and taking a lead… leaving the positions vacant for corrupt people to take advantage and make a fast buck…..


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