100 crore grant in fiasco


The Belgaum Corporation had got a special Rs.100 crore grant for the development of the city. Other cities which had got similar grants have completed most of the projects under the grant where as in Belgaum not even a penny has been spent and only discussions are on.

People close to the corporation say that this delay is thanks to the TWO elected MLA’s of the city who are trying to take credit for the grant. The duo has not taken into confidence the locals and decided on the plan and also the work was given to a Andhra Pradesh company leaving the local contractors.

The corporation has to approve the various works in a special meet of the city corporation but the same has not been taken yet and the MLA duo has decided the proposals on their own.

The opposition group in the corporation has asked for a special meeting to discuss the 100 crore grants issue. It is also heard that CM BSY is unhappy with all this.


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  1. Hi,

    From long time we are hearing the same news from the Govt of Karnatake that, the fund got released to Belgaum……..

    Anybody knows

  2. I think our public representaitves have gone dumb and def when it comes for Belgaum's infrastrucutre improvements

  3. This is disgusting, more than saddening. These losers are not going to do anything for the city of Belgaum. Will fight over the name of the city, the languages we speak, will divide us in factions, we all will die of vendettas, but there will never be any development ever in this city of hours. The world is heading somewhere else but we will still drive on roads which are worse than ever. The world is thinking of cleaning up the environment, cleaning up the mess to make the world a better place to live in. But we will soon die of the garbage and dust which is so much in abundance in our city.
    How long are we going to wait for things around us to change? Just how long? Just so long enough to tell our future generations that this is how it was then, this is how it is now, and this how it is gonna be forever and this how this administration makes a mockery of us?
    Cant we do something about this? Cant we raise questions about such administration being citizens of this country? Why show such apathy towards these problems?
    I believe this this forum is a very good, rather a conducive platform to bring people together, make them aware of this situation and as one united force, question the authorities and get them to do their job, for which they are paid, out of our hard earned money.

  4. Very bad news for Belgaum and for our country. India has the money and everything but it is not used for our developmental works but unfortunately it is used to fill the bank balances of our politicians to who we call as leaders of our country (Not all). We today have billion’s money in swiss bank but no money available to spend for peoples who leave in this country and pay the tax to government. And if the govt sanction some amount for public to develop infrastructure of our city (Our country) then it is not used for any developmental works instead our politicians fight each other to take more advantage to build their political career, their property stronger. Why can’t they just think for their city or for our country?

    So are they eligible for this position? Are they really our leaders and have the ability to take our country forward?

    100 crore’s is not small amount.
    What could have been done with this amount?

    -we could have been seen some good hospitals in the city
    -we could have been seen some good roads in our city
    -could have been used to resolve unemployment problems in our country.
    -we could have been seen more medical and engineer colleges….

    And lot more….

    But what is the final result, nothing ….:<

  5. Hi,

    Whatever comment u say or write it’ll never going to affect to our great MLA’s & Belgaum Corporation. It is better through your website we must highlight this issue to Indian media. Let this issue come forefront and become headlines of Indian news papers including our current CM BSY; he should know what his administration is doing? If 100 Corers have being sanction and is not been use in development of Belgaum then it is worthless?


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