Pay fine for sitting in place reserved for ladies


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Traffic police of city suddenly realized that there is law which prohibits others from seating in the seats reserved for ladies and senior citizen in a city bus. Normally the front seats are reserved for ladies and senior citizens.

Cops entered the bus as it stopped
Cops entered the bus as it stopped

Till now this law was never enforced but today once of a sudden this law was

officer challaning
officer challaning

enforced and the people seating in those reserved seats were fined Rs.100 on the spot at Bogarves. Most of the fined were college students.

No doubt the police are doing a good job after a long time, but fining at once seems to be too harsh one student said. The best part is how many more days this drive will be enforced needs to be seen.

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  1. The only solution is to give powers to Conductors to stop commuters form occupying these reserved seats. Also a notice should be mentioned in English as well as in Hindi along with Kannada as majority of people of Belgaum city can not speak or read Kannada.


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