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100 crore tug of war


A tug of war and fight for a chair is common in politics, but Belgaum is different from the lot. Here we have 100 crore as a special grant from the CM and we have tug of war between the elected members of the Corporation & a couple of MLA’s together on side and all other members of the corporation, MPs’ on the other side and we the general public have to just see the war.Competition

In the past week or so this 100 crore topic is heavily debated all around the city. In fact some work under the said 100 crore project was begun by MLA Abhay Patil and Feroz Sait in their constituencies and the Mayor of the city did not know about it. The Mayor and other officials of the Govt. comprise of the panel which overlooks the whole work under the 100 crore project, but here our Mayor Yallappa Kurbar did not know about the work commencement. He under pressure of the Marathi corporators gave letter in writing to the authorities to stop all work under the said scheme and called for a meeting on the 9th October to discuss the issue.


It is learnt from sources that today the mayor has sent a letter to the CM along with signatures of 40 other elected representatives asking the CM to look into the matter and stop the ongoing work. But later it is heard that he has canceled the meeting the called on the 9th under pressure.

My simple question to the MLA’s and others here is if this work is for betterment of Belgaum why it that the work is made public as to what and where these funds are being utilized. The tender document contains details but is that it’s the actual work or has it been altered is not mentioned anywhere as there was a talk about it.

MLA Abhay Patil openly said that no one can dare stop the ongoing works, why this scuffle? If you are doing a good job by doing some work get it in front of the people. Let the people decide, after all it’s the public who have got you that MLA seat.

What happens from here on in this issue God knows? Will Belgaum get better in any ways? Or is it that this 100 crore will go back to the CM? Can’t say …..



  1. I don't see any need to stop a developmental work been stop by the Mayor. If he doesn't know it then now he knows it. why does he need to stop it … this shows that there is some personal greed attached to it. or may be the opsition is jeolous. for every smal reason they want the CM to solve the problem of belgaum. why are these representatives for… if they want the city to be developed they need to understand the need of the hour .. which is unity and importance of correct utilisation of the funds sactioned .. it looks like the representatives want the funds to be utilised correctly utilised for their own pockets …. what are the MPs (the so called MEMBER of PARLIMENT) and the MLAs doing… are they sleeping????????? .. you need the CM to solve such an issue ????????…..

  2. Best thing is file an RTI pettition on utilization of fund, also launch a PIL Public Interst Litgation stating if the devlopment work is in progress wheather by MP MLA or corporators (no matter wheather Marathi or Kannada) the souldnt object aginst such work. All this is stunt is to make some booty of Public money, besides if MLA Abhay Kumar Patil is utilizing the money for Civic development, he should also make sure of transpernacy of tendering the work, and even other MP’s and MLA should follow the suite.
    Other problem is each MP is given grant called MPLAD ( MP Loacla area devlopemtn) scheme fund I am not sure wheather MLA’s are given the same grant, and I beleive corporator Yallappa Kurabr wants them to use such funds and considering 100 crore as his chunk of pie, I am not sure even if he is a qualified person to know the economics of the city.
    May be I can beleive the MLA and MP this time but not corporator because for me Corporation is just near to word curruption.

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