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A road too far

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by Satish Kumar

Belgaum the gateway to Goa have its rich cultural Portuguese link, the highway between state and city is in depilated state, and many thanks to state government of not being serious enough do anything on this matter.
While in Goa the land demarcation started in early Feb this year and grievances and complaints started pouring in especially when the re-modification of NH4A between Belgaum and Goa via Ramnagar/Anmod was initiated by Goa government, which will in fact reduce the traffic between Belgaum and Goa. It will just take three and half hours as of today’s whopping four to five hours for a mere distance of 154 KMs.


The residents of central Goa where from this road would pass have raised grievances of loss of land and compensation in return or reduction of road width. The hearings between government agencies and residents had further hindered the highway connectivity and no breakthrough has so far.

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Khanapur Chorla and Anmod will further reduce the distance between Goa and Belgaum, but the lack of political will is what causing the hindrance, after all it is we the people to suffer. If one can have Mumbai-Pune Express highway, then why not Belgaum Goa express highway too.

The tenders and contracts though awarded and canceled at certain times, which have quadrupled the cost of the project year after year. The public in fact should also realize that in the years to come it will be our tax payers money to drain off and as and when the cost will swell, You and me the common people will have to shell out heavy toll.

The present status:

Belgaum Khanapur four laning is only in tendering stage.

Belgaum to Peeranwadi No Progress

Panjim to Ram Nagar No Progress

Khanapur to Ramnagar Demarcation and survey for two laning in progress


5 thoughts on “A road too far”

  1. Hmm, right said buddy!
    We all need to do something, like forward a request towards administration thru AAB, All Belgaumites get together from all parts of the world, In the city, colleges, schools, society, and speak it up to the Administration, Discuss, talk and work towards it.

  2. For your kind information the four laning between Bgm to Khanapur is not in tendering stage, it is already in mobilization & soon u will see the progress of road between Bgm to Goa border.

    As i m working in the Firm who is going to start the work. So i can tell u this.

  3. Thanks Wasim Bhai You made my day giving this news, its been really hard traveling this patch when I fly down to Goa and reach Belgaum , well would like to know and see if you can pst the pics of devlopments of Goa Belgaum Highway , since you are associated with this company also want to know when will the further road from Goa to Khanpur will be four laned , I believe it will beinitally two lanes.
    I also read some news in todays Tarun Bharat on Haighway projects gaining some momentum now..

    Any way thanks for info

    • Dear Satish,

      Recently we have started our Mobilization and still the work is not yet started. As & when the work starts i will keep u all updated. Presently just a week before we have opened our office.


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