Belagavi airport runway awaits third party inspection


The runway expansion of the Belagavi airport has been completed and now is awaiting a third party inspection. The ground leveling work for the runway to be expanded by another 900 meters and also the width by 65 meters has been completed.

The work on the same is expected to be complete by March 2016. Construction of the new terminal building has also commenced and the new parking facility at the airport has been already commissioned.

Airport Terminal

Currently the road is the centre of the runway and the boundary wall is left open at the centre to accommodate the villagers so that the said road could be used by them as there is no alternate road.
The district administration was to build an alternate road which it still hasnt commenced but now has sanctioned Rs.78 lakhs for the same but the work on the same has not commenced yet.

The Sambra – Basarikatti road currently is in the centre of the expanded runway once the alternate road of 4 kms is constructed the boundary wall would be closed. The new road would be aligned next to the boundary wall of the airport.

Leveling of ground for runway extension at Belgaum Sambra airport
Leveling of ground for runway extension at Belagavi Sambra airport

Traffic potential of Belgaum Airport for the year 2012-2013 is 378 aircraft movements and 13778 passengers & traffic forecast for 2015-16 is 754 aircraft movements and 47513 passengers.

Forecast for 2016-17 is 792 and 52265 passengers
Forecast for 2017-18 is 831 and 57491 passengers
and forecast for 2022-2023 years is 1222 aircraft movements and 92590 passengers.

What will be in the upgraded Belagavi Airport:
The existing airport area is 360.34 acres and got an additional area of about 370 acres for its expansion. Hence, the total project area will be 730.34 acres. At present Belagavi airport have one runway oriented 08/26, 1,830m in length, apron of 6,916m2 terminal building of 1200m2 and can handle 90 passengers. At present Belagavi is an operational airport for ATR-72 and operates 3 flights per day. After expansion it has been proposed to operate four daily flights of A-321.

Expansion includes all the facilities for safe operation of the aircraft like expansion of existing runway, new terminal building to cater 200 passengers at a time, expansion of apron, air traffic controller, runway end safety area (RESA) etc..

Other miscellaneous facilities will include New ATC tower cum Technical Block, Fire station (category VII), relocation of DVOR, security watch tower new substation, AC plant room, provision of hooter system at access points and provision of explosive detection system.
The existing Airport in Belgaum is spread over 360.34 acres and has only one runway oriented 08/26, 1830 m in length.

The existing runway of 1830 m would be extended to 2300 m and the width would remain the same to 45 m.
The proposed new taxiway is 23 m wide, 228.5 m long with 3.5 mtrs wide shoulders on both sides. There will be provision of new Isolation Bay 120 m × 100 m and 270 m × 23 m Link Taxiway with 3.5 m wide shoulder suitable to cater for code “C” type of aircraft.

A new parking apron of size 157.50 m × 130 m for parking aircraft 3 number Category C Aircrafts has been proposed.
There will be provision of new Isolation Bay 120 m × 100 m and 270 m × 23 m Link Taxiway with 3.5m wide shoulder suitable to cater for code “C” type of aircraft.
After expansion it will be designed for the traffic requirements which are estimated to be increased to 200 passengers at a time (100 in arrivals and 100 in departures).

The Parking area will be increased from 2500 m2 to 20000 m2. It is expected that the proposed parking will fulfill the requirement up to 2025.

The air side civil works include-

Extension, Widening & Strengthening of Runway from 1830 x 45 m to 3200 x 45 m (Flexible Pavement)

Construction of New Apron of Size 158 x 130 m with 3.5 m shoulder on all-around (Rigid pavement)

Construction of New Isolation Bay of Size 120 x 100 m with 3.5 m shoulder on all around, (Rigid


Construction of Taxi-track for New Apron- 228.5 x 23 m with 3.5 shoulder on either side.

Construction of Taxi-track for New Isolation Bay – 270 x 23 m with 3.5 shoulder on either side.

Fire station cum control tower.



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  1. I hope this is completed soon and be declared an international airport… it ll help people of entire North Karnataka and South Maharashtra…


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