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Belagavi finally makes a plan for a Flyover from Rayanna Circle to Sanchayani Circle

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With huge traffic congestion all over town, the BCC Commissioner M.R. Ravi Kumar told the media that a plan was on the papers to build a flyover from Sangolli Rayanna Circle to Sanchayani Circle via Rani Channamma Circle and Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle will come up in the city.flyover-belagavi

A Pune based agency will prepare a detailed project report on the same and the estimated cost would be around 90 to 100 crores. This is just a preliminary estimates and it could go higher.

Ravikumar also said that as Rs.100 crore have been sanctioned in the 2015-16 budget the same can be utilized for the project.
This is a 2.2 kms stretch and there is heavy traffic each day and Chennama circle is many a times blocked due to some agitation and protests.

Speaking to the media he also said that, National Highways Authority of India would soon start construction of a bypass from Halga to Machhe. On the compensation part he said Govt will make appropriate compensation to the farmers.

This is just another plan on the drawing board as of now and the BCC is not completing the most needed projects like the Railway overbridges.


10 thoughts on “Belagavi finally makes a plan for a Flyover from Rayanna Circle to Sanchayani Circle”

  1. Constructing a 2.2 metre long flyover is like constructing a continuios elevated road of 2.2 km length from Sangolli Rayanna Circle to Sanchayani Circle. Instead thought must be given to construct a number of small flyovers at important junctions like Rani Chanamma Circle. I think the guys doing the feasibility study should consider this, maybe this would be a cost effective and feasible solution.

  2. This is not going to work unless people will give up few things….1. Rani chennama statue in midst of the circle, if this is not moved all the trees across the court compound will have to be brought down…2. Mandir in midst of the road, this cannot be shifted as you all know but if not then there will be a stretch will pass right from Govt college, agriculture dept compunds and a double road flyover will eat up a lot of space will create huge problems. Instead of this stetch plan for an under paas for chennama circle it will help all..Hope Architect sees this mesage and understands…Let the greener of belgaum be there and not become like bangalore which is fading away in the name of developement

  3. This is good, but main traffic jam area near fish market (Sanchayani Circle to Railway station) needs to be considered, also the PB road is like hell, please look after that.

  4. To develop the city busstand there are few things to be sacrificed, the 2 Mazhars opposite IB makes one side traffic congested, let all of us start giving up things from here and head towards south to make our city a wonderful place to live.

  5. Flyovers don’t solve the traffic problems. They just transfer the problem from one junction to another. Hundreds of crores of tax payers money need not be wasted on these ugly structures, which are sure to spoil the cityscape. These kind of projects may only end up being beneficial to the contractor & some corrupt officials & our elected representatives.

    Instead we should push for better public transport system. We need to look at more sustainable solutions. Wide Roads & flyovers only cater & encourage to the motorized traffic, which in turn increases the pollution in the air we breathe.

    First & the foremost thing to reduce the traffic in the city is to get the Ring Road done. Then, we should be think of having a BRTS(Bus Rapid Transit system) instead of this flyover. The idea should to move people & not the vehicles. The BRTS system is already being implemented between Dharwad & Hubballi. I believe, Belagavi too needs this kind of mass transport mechanism. Another thing we need to look forward is to make our roads more efficient in their design & quality. Bengaluru already has been doing this for some roads through the TENDER SURE Project. which ensures space for pedestrians, cyclists, bus stops, street furniture, street lights etc & incorporates proper design for the other utlities like storm water drains, sewage lines, electrical/data lines, gas supply pipes. etc. Our elected representatives from Belagavi & the city corporation should strive to get the Tender SURE specifications for this stretch of the road instead of a flyover.

    I completely oppose this move of wasting the Rs.100 crore grant on this flyover.

  6. Construction of flyover again digging,Taking out huge trees etc leading draughting our own city.Rather, our people of Belgaum should be educated enough to follow traffic rules,Road Disciplines i.e and avoid both sides parking during day time,Parking in front of where the purchases in front of shops, ignoring of giving way to other vehicles, also parking vehicles on road in front of their houses.Why cant citizens of belgaum think, when they are willing to own any vehicles, having parking facility inside their premises?They will have bed rooms, kitchen,Hall etc.That shows unless the RTO or respective government organisations start putting heavy fine on parking vehicles outside their allotted premises like house,Business premises etc. Otherwise making this kind of infrastructures has no purpose than creating more facilities to corrupt officials and ministers.
    Jai Hind.


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