Belagavi Smart city proposal Highlights

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Extracts from the Smart City proposal –
VISION FOR BELAGAVI “A livable, inclusive and vibrant Belagavi city, in which every citizen has adequate access to good quality of affordable and sustainable physical & social infrastructure, employment opportunities, in which cultural heritage and environment are protected and preserved through good governance and city management”

Belagavi Smart city proposalThe plan includes Area Based Development and Pan City solutions as listed below:

Area based development in a 10.78 sq.Km area is planed as below:

Retrofitting of the area with underground ducting for utilities

Skill development and employment generation in the manufacturing sector

Organization of informal sector – hawker zones, hawking spaces and eat streets

Decongesting traffic in the area

Improvement of Public Transport

Multi-Utilities Facilitation Centers (MUFC)

Public Convenience & Amenities

Development of Markets

Creation/improvement of parks &recreational spaces

Conservation & Preservation of Heritage Structure

Housing for the poor

Improvement of city’s waste water and sewerage system with Smart Metering

Solid Waste Management

Smart Metering

Pan City Proposal

Improving mobility with Intelligent Transportation Systems

E-Governance (Citizen Transaction Enablement).

Improving energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy sources. (on PPP)

Water Supply, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management. (under Convergence)

• 24 x 7 water supply: To achieve uninterrupted water supply for the entire city as per international standards.
• Uninterrupted & sustainable Power supply: Augmenting existing power with efficient renewable solar and wind energy with a view to providing uninterrupted and sustainable power supply.
• Sewerage network & system: To achieve complete underground sewerage network and system with complete treatment and reusage for the entire city.
• City Mobility: Improvement of overall Mobility for Belagavi city that includes dedicated bus lanes, Roads with integrated infrastructure , Pedestrian friendly footpaths, dedicated cycle tracks, decongestion of Inner City, dedicated Parking areas, Junction improvements and using Integrated & effective Traffic Management systems.
• Improving civic facilities and amenities in the city through development of specific area level multi utilities civic service centers, aiming at significantly improving the standard of living.

Increasing the green cover of the City through development of large scale plantations/urban forestry in available open spaces, institutional campuses, Cantonment areas, foreshores of water bodies and avenue plantations.
• E-Governance- Information & Communication Technology enabled & Integrated portal/platform with a Central Command Station for facilitating citizen services , ensuring safety and security, hassle free mobility and for providing transparent, Citizen friendly, effective & responsive governance.
• Affordable housing: In view of priority requirements of this sector, facilitation of affordable housing for EWS and LIG in the city.
• Enhancement of Employment opportunities: City has a potential engineering industries base as well as aerospace units, and is home to large number of textile power looms. It has a large number of educational Institutions & potential ITES growth. Imparting appropriate skill sets for youth through skill development centres there by emphasis would be to given to establish engineering ancillary units, encouragement of power loom sector along with Information Technology & Engineering Service industries to strengthen the city’s economy & bringing in more employment and livelihood opportunities.

Knowledge City : By ensuring adequate and quality infrastructure which acts as catalyst to promote city of Belagavi as Knowledge hub for imparting education in the field of Medicine, Technical, Management, Life sciences , City being already the seat of three Universities, Six medical institutions, many technical, management and other institutions. • Tourism development: Considering spatial location of Goa, by improving overall ambiance, Cultural and Heritage sites, promoting health tourism making Belagavi as a supplementary and preferred tourist destination.

North  Belagavi – Ramteerth Nagar, Mal-Maruti Extension, Shiv Basava Nagar
Central –  Kotekere, Ashok Nagar Part  Fort , Central Bus Terminal
South - Tilakwadi, Vaccine Depot, Rani Chennamma Nagar Part,  Shanti Nagar/ Maratha Colony/ Nanawadi.
Improvement Of All Roads, Network, And Junctions, Improvement Of Utilities And Amenities Like Water Supply, Sewerage, Sanitation And Solid Waste Management, Improvement Of Transportation Facilities And Mobility – Development Of Footpaths, Cycle Ways, Regulating Traffic And Para- Transit Facilities, Providing The Smart Solutions With Ict Components, It Connectivity, Safety And Security, Encourage Non-Motorized Transport And Provision For Walkways • Development Of Neighborhood Parks And Open Spaces • Development Of Major Heritage Park And Enhancing Greenery • Improvement Of Employment Facilities Through Flatted Factories Development, Skill Development Centers And It Incubation Centers & Informal Sector • Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area As Civic Center • Development Of Affordable Housing For Ews & Lig Segments • Facilitation Of Good Health And Education Facilities For Residents Of The Area

Carriageway improvement  Footpaths  Street Light  Street Furniture  Avenue Plantation  Lanes & Other Traffic Markings  Surface dressing/Pavement  Underground Utilities – Water, telecom, Drainage, Power , OFC  Non Motorized Transport : Cycle track  Facilities for physically challenged

Junction improvement
Geometric improvements  roundabout  manned / signalized  high mast lights  landscaping  surveillance equipment  traffic signage –
Vantamuri Cross, Dharamnath Circle, Ashoka Circle, Cbt Circle, Gogte Circle, Goaves Circle , Rpd Cross , Khanapur Junction (3rd Gate) ,Vantmuri Cross.


Proposed Locations
Between Railway Gate I & II
Railway Gate III – (NH 4a & Khanapur Road)
Old Pb Road 4 Kapileshwar Road – 144 Crores

UNDERPASS RANI CHANNAMMA CIRCLE (for pedestrian, Raichur Bachi Road) – 56 crore

FLYOVER Ashoka Circle (NH4 Junction to CBT via Raichur Bachi Road) – 129 Crores

Improving Improving Facilities and Services Through Multi Uti Facilities and Services Through Multi Utilities Com utilities Complexes (MUCS)

1st Gate Opp Kalamandir
Fort Road Cantonment

PUBLIC TOILETS ABD-Improvement of Public Improvement of Public Convenience Convenience & Amenities & Amenities • Providing Public Convenience and utilities in the ABD (2 in each ward) • Easily accessible for physically challenged people • High emphasis on cleanliness of the toilet units. • Roof top Solar Panels (Optional) • To ensure sustainability of operation and maintenance, operators are given the rights of advertisement which can be displayed around the units of public amenity.


KALA MANDIR Corporation

KALAMANDIR : Sector level Community Facility TOTAL EXTENT OF LAND – 7,800 sq.m (2.1Acres) PROPOSALS : G + 3 ACTIVITIES IN THE PREMISES • Multi Level Car Parking Lot (G-2) • Multimodal Parking stand (Auto & Cycle) • Shopping mall including Multiplex • Atrium • Branded Shops • Local shops • Family entertainment and Restaurants, Food court et c • Mini Auditorium cum Culture center • Other Community Facilities ESTIMATED PROJECT COST RS.53.41 Cr

DHARMANATH CIRCLE : Central level Community Facility


Formalization of street vending leading to better upkeep of the spaces, brings in vitality and vibrancy in the inner city and civic center area  20-25 hawkers space in each of the proposed nine Multiutilities complexes  Total spaces created ~200

EAT STREET IN CENTRAL AREA  Stretch of 200 m on OLD PB road along Footpath towards Fort side  Stretch of 100 m along Kanbargi Road footpath towards Kotekere lake  Creating ~200 fast food outlets  Estimated Cost: Rs.3 Crores

MODERN BUS STATION : • Terminal building (G+1) • Dormitory • Local Convenience shop • Waiting cum seating lobby space • Rest room • Public Toilets • Accessible to differently challenged people

Improvement of Vaccine depot as heritage park

Exhibition ground at Mahanteshnagar exhibitions/circus/meeting ground/city maidan  extent: 9.15 acres

Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area Conservation & Preservation Of Central Area

Belagavi Fort 2 2. Kotekare Lake 3. Moat And Fort Area 4. Vegetable Market 5. Parking Plaza

ACTIVITIES in FORT PREMISES : 1. Military/Defence Theme Museum 2. Jogging Track 3. Heritage Conservation Of • Ramakrishna Ashram • Kamal Basti • Mosques: Safa Majid, Jamia Masjid 4. Afforestation And Block Plantation 5. Amphitheater (OAT) 6. Art And Craft Center (in Existing Building) 7. Banning Of Vehicular Movement Inside The Fort

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  1. Conservation of heritage sites is a welcome step. The city is dotted with many old beautiful buildings but many are covered by hoardings, billboards & unauthorized cut outs. The BCC should take action if the city has to look clean & beautiful.

    The plan talks of increasing green cover but does not spell how to maintain it with citizen participation. I had suggested the Melbourne model in my proposal earlier (

    The plan does not talk of increasing energy efficiency, it only refers to augmenting energy supplies with alternative renewable energy (which is not the job of BCC!!). It should have outlined how it would involve Industry bodies with inputs from academic bodies (like VTU) to become more energy efficient

    Solid waste Management (SWM) – the BCC is taking a retrograde step in SWM by removing waste bins from the city. With inefficient garbage collection (outsourced to private contractors) the city looks dirtier than before with garbage & waste dumped by the roadside.

    • Firstly, instead of adding infrastructure to the city it is necessary to use the existing infrastructure well. Adding of railway overbridges will add to the congestion on the roads. Diversion of traffics and effective road management should be employed.

      Secondly, heritage structures are disappearing at a faster rate. before the imposition of any rules (looking at the pace at which the smart city project is progressing), we may be left with hardly any. It is essential to have some insentives to preserve the private ownership structures, flexibiltiy in the change of land use for these structures to survive on their own.

      Public participation is the most important while improving the city. The city of Belgaum has its own beauty, the development should happen respecting it. PAN India will only generalise all cities. The image of the city should be maintained too.

    • There is no mention of Rain Water Harvesting.

      Every compound should have vertical garden which should be watered by waste water from the same household.

  2. All these facilities planned up are definitely going to help the common masses of Belagavi. I feel one aspect not being taken in to consideration is plantation. Block Plantation should not be just limited to one particular area but every street, areas. Plantation is a very crucial aspect and must be taken into consideration seriously else the next generation(s) will have to suffer for today’s modernization and the recent deforestation in Belagavi and its effects on the nature cycle is just the beginning!

    Plant trees, saplings on footpath edges, junction circles, open spaces, under bridge, everywhere feasible, conduct plantation programs, schedule a particular day in a week where every citizen must plant one sapling in his/her premises. We need to plant minimum of 4 plants for one tree cut to maintain the ecological balance.

  3. Belgaum is presently lac of all basic amenitites. NO proper electricity, water supply, road infrastructure, waste garbage treatment plant, etc., It is very remote chance of Belgaum as Smart city in future.
    So long as there is corruption in all Government offices & Municipality, Belgaum is never going to be smart city.
    When you have to pay Rs 50 for getting death certificate, do you think that mentality of such corrupted personality will change ? Go to any govt office, you will find colourful design of spitting of PAAN & Gutkha.
    Smart city plan is nothing but Diwali for Politicians & govt personalities for looting money and enjoying their life at cost of general civilians.

  4. Good job in Drafting this, BUT I nowhere see it being SMART in this, it is more like pulling out existing problem. My apologies that I couldn’t able to put forward my opinion when they initiated drafting process.

    Never the less: if we need to succeed, we need to improve income flow, one of the potential gravity for this could be IT firms. I am willing and hopeful to see some companies to start up there.

    Like minded people/IT guys comment/support this with #ITinBelagavi. Hoping for some good result.

    • Smart is like Gulaab in Gulaab Jaamun. Don’t expect much.

      People are dumb with smart phones and sensors.

      It should have been Sensible people with dumb phones

  5. Shahapur, Vadgoan, Khasbag nothing is mentioned, Actual a road from Vadgaon Adarsh Nagar Cross to Channamma Circle Via Nath Pai Circle-Khade Bazar Shahapur-SPM Rad, Kapileshwar-Bhave Chouwk-Ganapat Galli-Kakativas-Channamma Circle road is to be developed which automatically lessen the burden on Khanapur-road Globe-Sambhaji Chouwk.

    Looking at the plan it seems the above areas are not the part of Belgaum City even nothing mentioned abt Angol-KLE Engneerin-Angol-Vadgaon Road.

  6. By Looking at the “HIGHLIGHTS” it seems very pleasant & Wonderful for our City,
    But what about are the steps to avoid “CORRUPTION” ????
    I agree with Mr. Suhas Kakde’s Comments mentioned.
    For me We Belgaumites are already having enough to make this a “Smart City”.
    Until there are no Rigid & serious methods adopted for curbing Corruption, we can never ever become SMART.
    Its a Fact that by tomorrow even if our city gets enough funds in the name of SMART CITY either from Central Govt or by World bank, it will remain as it is or even worse due to CORRUPTION.
    Only Just by writing everywhere on board “Dont give bribe, strict action will be taken” is not enough.
    The authorities have to prove that they are working strictly on this issues.
    A few examples where corruption to be removed :
    – Municipality Offices, State & central Govt Offices
    – Police Department
    – Education Institutes where huge Donations are taken from the people.
    If the above things gets implemented practically then automatically our city will become SMART.

  7. For making Belagavi a Smart City , Govt offices , which are responsible for governing and giving direction , should be smart . Citizen should make sure and demand better working and professional working from Govt servants and elected representatives . Rest all will fall in place . This is not satellite science after all . Most of us know what is good for Belagavi , Karnatak , India and Universe . It is for Citozen to make sure productivity of and professional work culture in Govt offices and elected representatives. . Today salaries of Gov servants are very good but what is the output in general ? Even after 68 years , why India is still a Developing Nation . Look at Singapore . Govt gives direction for overall improvement , zero corruption and very efficient .

  8. A ‘smart city’ is an urban region that is highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications and market viability.
    It is a city where information technology is the principal infrastructure and the basis for providing essential services to residents.
    There are many technological platforms involved, including but not limited to automated sensor networks and data centres. Though this may sound futuristic, it is now likely to become a reality as the ‘smart cities’ movement unfolds in India.

    In a smart city, economic development and activity is sustainable and rationally incremental by virtue of being based on success-oriented market drivers such as supply and demand. They benefit everybody, including citizens, businesses, the government and the environment

  9. Some Practical Applications
    1) Digitization of all land records, enabling online retrival of records.
    2) Promote Net Banking, Online Payment of Electricity bills, Land Tax, Income Tax etc
    3) Uninterrupted Power supply, HESCOM supply should be augmented by Wind & Solar Energy. Additionally Garbage based Power Plants (Waste to Energy) should be constructed.
    4) Uninterrupted Water supply be available, installation of Waste & Sewer Treatment Plants should be installed. Treated Water can be used for gardening, cleaning & Construction purposes.
    5) Develop sustainable infrastructure Roads, Drains, Electricity Supply Network, Water Supply Networks.
    6) Promote Industrilization, offer investor friendly schemes to attract investors.
    7) Generate Employment Opportunities.
    8) Generate Revenue thru taxes collected from Industries
    9) City Digitization & Wi-Fi Enabled
    10) Improved & Transparent E-Governance
    11) New Bus Stand
    12) Improve city commuting & transportation
    13) Belgaum is already an Industrial hub, make the hub more robust & systematic. Lot of revenue is generated both the local govt & local people are benefitted.
    14) Belgaum is also a Medical Tourism place, make the system more robust & systematic. Lot of revenue is generated both local govt & local people are benefitted.
    15) Promote Products made in Belgaum on a PAN India level and also overseas
    16) Continue promoting sporting events like the ones already happening International Kite Flying event, Belgaum has good sportsmen, skating, swimming, events etc should be held. Again this generates revenue.
    17) Belgaumites should develop enterprenur skills, the “Chalta hai Attitude should be erased”
    18) For better management of traffic roads like Ganpat Galli & beyond should be no entry zone for vehicles.
    19) Main thing is that Belgaum should undergo Industrial Revolution, with this Belgaumites will be well employed, earning handsome and leading a good life.
    20) The idea of Smart city is to make the life of a common citizen comfortable, for all this funds/money is required so in order to generate funds Industralization is a must.

  10. Comment:Pls also stress on creating employement and also need a clear market farmers for direct selling and buying without any middlemen intervention…thnx

  11. For me Smart City is to implement the systems so that the life of citizens is comfortable. For this everything boils on to money/funds.
    There should be a continuous big Influx of Funds in the city which can benefit both local govt. & the citizens. How this continuous Influx of Funds is possible? Belgaum should sell/export products/services in a big way and bring in money to the city.
    That means Belgaum should undergo an Industrial Revolution.
    Earlier it was Roti, Kapda aur Makan
    Now it is Bijli, Sadak aur Paani
    Maybe next would be Vidya, Swast aur Dhan

  12. Good Synopsis. I find some shortcomings in the proposal though
    1. It says “Augmenting existing power with efficient renewable solar and wind energy with a view to providing uninterrupted and sustainable power supply” – is it the job of BCC to create or source renewable energy supplies? Certainly not. They should focus on energy saving of utilities with BCC limits, improve street light mgt etc
    2. It broadly refers to ‘effective Traffic Management systems’ but what about decongesting the city center with traffic free corridors?
    3 It talks about “large scale plantations/urban forestry’ to increase green cover but no efforts in involving citizens in maintaining existing plantations. They should look at the Melbourne model which i outlined in my proposal earlier
    4. In the area of Solid Waste Management, the BCC has taken a retrograde step by removing garbage bins throughout the city. The work is outsourced to private contractors who are not doing their job daily (once in 2-3 days). As a result garbage piles up on roadside and spreads
    5. The BCC should form Zone wise citizen committees to be a part of the implementation and review

  13. Good Synopsis. I find some shortcomings in the proposal though

    1. It says “Augmenting existing power with efficient renewable solar and wind energy with a view to providing uninterrupted and sustainable power supply” – is it the job of BCC to create or source renewable energy supplies? Certainly not. They should focus on energy saving of utilities with BCC limits, improve street light mgt etc

    2. It broadly refers to ‘effective Traffic Management systems’ but what about decongesting the city center with traffic free corridors?

    3 It talks about “large scale plantations/urban forestry’ to increase green cover but no efforts in involving citizens in maintaining existing plantations. They should look at the Melbourne model which i outlined in my proposal earlier

    4. In the area of Solid Waste Management, the BCC has taken a retrograde step by removing garbage bins throughout the city. The work is outsourced to private contractors who are not doing their job daily (once in 2-3 days). As a result garbage piles up on roadside and spreads

    5. The BCC should form Zone wise citizen committees to be a part of the implementation and review

    • Dear Vasant, I agree with you that BCC cannot do anything on augmenting Solar & Wind Power however Waste to Energy Generation is the potential area they can implement. I guess in many cities this Garbage to Energy projects are implemented by local Municipal Corporations.

      Vasant for every and any development everything boils down to money. Belgaum should have a continuous influx of money, this is possible when Belgaumites are able to sell products/services and bring in money to the city.

      Selling of products/services is possible when industries are set up and are able to generate money by selling their products & services, in such a way the local govt. would be benefitted by way of taxes & levies.

      For Belgaumites employment will be generated and with handsome pay packages the lifestyle & comfort of the citizens would certainly improve.

      In order to have this Belgaum needs to undergo an Industrial Revolution and to aid this the local govt. should develop necessary infrastructure & offer sops to investors.

      The ultimate mission of building Smart cites is to make the living of a common citizen comfortable which is possible only if his income is good which is possible by good employment. Good employment is possible only if good & large scale industries come up in Belgaum.

      All these cannot happen overnight it needs a rigrous planning and implementation and will take decades.

      Vasant I want to mention another point. CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility. There are a few good organizations in Belgaum like Hindalco, the companies in SEZ like Aques, Ashok Iron Works, Polyhydron which can certainly contribute.
      Here the contribution in form of CSR I am not talking about injecting huge funds but the companies can do the following under their CSR policies.
      1) All projects need a good Project Management, these companies should form a small team of engineers who can do the project management function like Scheduling, Weekly Progress Monitoring, Cost Control Monitoring etc. I donot want to elaborate more description on Project Management. So companies should delegate teams for monitoring projects. I guess there will be a number of projects under progress at any given time each team can monitor 1 to 2 or 3 or 4 projects depending on the complexity.
      2) The PM should also have the capability of monitoring funds, they should ensure by reporting to the responsible authorities about the Cash Flow and ensure that at any given point of time the project should not starve of funds
      3) All problems should be resolved at the nip of root level so that they donot bloom up.
      4) Committee consisting of Public (Professionals like Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Legal Advisors, Financial Advisors), local elected members, govt officials etc should be formed for every project. Multiple project committees should report to the apex body.

      I tell you very seriously that for the success of a project a Very Good Project Management is absolutely necessary.

  14. Smart city plan is totally bullshit. Waste of funds. Mentioned high figures so dat our politician could eat. If d work of just 50% of funds is done then too its enough.. but who ll feed our hungry poor politicians.. they just know d figures n before receiving they ll calculate their share. N finally funds finishes..
    There should be a team to look after d smart city projects. Which is directly headed by our PM. N not be interfere local politicians. Then only these citys become smart citys..

  15. A very good draft for the overall development of a city like Belgaum!. And the suggestions by some of the citizens are really valuable and noteworthy. Any person who is attached to Belgaum wishes to see the city progress in all the spheres like public infrastructure, health facilities, education, tourisom and most importantly preserving and improving the environment. But as many have said that the corruption is the biggest problem in implementing any plan. I see that the only solution for this is the ALERT AND RESPONSIBLE society. Only then any city or country will progress. It is rightly said that the people get the government they deserve!. We cannot blame everything on the Government. But in all the bad news still there is some hope of ACHCHE DIN!, so let us work together in the direction.

  16. Comment:there is no mentioned abt sambra airport area development, is it includes in smart city or leaving it in shabby (nor urban, nor a village status)


  18. Good to know something better than nothing.. Well accountability is the highest priority or else you tax paid money will go in politicians pockets. Modi ji is doing good, but the officials should follow towards development of the city. On the other hand, public. It’s the responsibility of each citizen to maintain cleanliness wherever they go. There are so many idiots who go to pan shop take gutkas eat it and throw the wrapper wherever they like, even when there is a dustbin provided by the shopkeeper. It doesn’t end here, they spit at any places, whether corners of the stairs, clean concreted area, etc.. They have difficulty to find a gutter to spit. So hasty.. Some people simply keep spitting, simply. Pichik pichik,, Not just them, some others throw plastics, papers, do all hopeless things on the roads. And these irresponsible citizens talk hamara desh nahi sudrega.. Dubai ke jaisa kab Banega? Abe if you just spit on the roads in other developed countries like Dubai, there are strick punishment, you will be put behind bars or other stringent punishment, that too without any trail, as they do have proof..just for spitting, and think of other offenses.. yaha nahi hai na wese?! No traffic sense.. Jaisa Bandar ka dimag advice karta hai wesa chalao. Just look at the roads in Belagavi,, har jaga RMD, manichand, supari, ye hi sabka wrappers milta hai. Arey people even does not have sense – even standing in traffic “pichik” simply..Pls put the waste things at your neaby dustbins.. If somebidy requests them not to do these kind of things, then tje reply would be, “tere baapka kya jatha hai”? I say mere baapka kuch nahi jaata “********”, lekin mera DESH ko badnaam karneka tujhe koi hakk nahi hai “********” aur wese insaan mere desh me rehne ka layak nahi hai!!!! Fill in the blanks..
    Pls DO NOT spit on roads, find a nearby gutter/nala to spit. Throw the waste in the nearby dustbin,, carry the plastic bags, waste papers, plastics, etc with you until u find the nearest dustbin. Talk politely to your elders, mistakes are not done purposely, pls forgive. If people follow at least this much.. Half of the work of development is done. Even people should support, not just Modiji bombarding all the people all the time to keep clean.
    Thank you..

  19. 24/7 watersuppl and Gas connection,Underground cables,Widening of roads should be Implemented first.then all projects.Public should be involved in the supervision of works for the better and transperency in the Implimentation and to control corruptions.

  20. 1.A strict action should be taken towards the people who spit through buses on road .
    2.Increase maximum number of dustbins and toilets in almost all areas of city and create awareness among people.
    3.Please encourage many people to visit veerasoudha in tilakwadi as it taken be taken as good tourist spot.
    4.Increase more non veg hotels in belgaum.
    5.Use college students to create awareness among villagers to keep the city clean and to advise people who travel from villages about the importance of education and to cooperate towards the city development.

  21. Please make permanent arrangement on road side to put future pipes, cables etc. This will stop digging road frequently.
    Please plan greenery also

    • If the railway goes on a bridge from railway station to beyond Angol gate, i.e., beyond the KLE Engineering College, then all the traffic problems at the three railway gates in Tilakwadi will be solved imho.


    Spitting in public is a disgusting and anti-social habit degrading our environment.Public spitting is not just unhygienic and filthy, it also leads to spreading of tuberculosis (TB).

    In our state (Specially Belgaum Dist.) people spit anywhere they like. They don’t just spit generally, they spit while chewing paan, supari, gutkha, etc which leaves a permanent mark where ever they have spat. They spit on the public walls, pathways, trees, poles, seems like everywhere. And they don’t just spit on the outside, they spit on the inside of various government buildings too, even government hospitals which are meant to be clean and nobody can stop them from doing that. It not only creates a unhealthy atmosphere to live in but also a very dark stain on our city’s image in the mind of tourists from places.

  23. We don’t hav simple corporation water supply and roads In our area ( sahyadri Nagar, Sarthi nagar)… Ur talking about 24 hours water supply….. I think It’s far far away……

  24. A city to grow a RING ROAD IS REQUIRED !!! Flyovers don’t help . For god sakes the smallest and backward towns and cities of Karnataka have a ring road

  25. No water supply from past 10 days in ramteerth nagar … Mo matter how much funds dey get 90% is used by politicians fr demselves … Nothing smart in city

  26. I want to refer to the upcoming development of the railway over bridge. I want to say that because of development there shouldnt be any harm to the nature’s belongings. Since we are in a great need for planting the trees, we shouldn’t be opposite by cutting down such big trees. Please give it a concern as early as possible

  27. Its seen tat just 2 spend money some projects are implemented …..please try n divert traffic density on roads instead of building flyovers …the fly over creates a -ve space below the bridges also spoils the character of the existing street ….having modern buildups will not make the city a smart city …..n wat ever other built form emerges out please should have a architectural appearence and not go on building blocks n close it with a shutter n show expenditure to funds ……there are many matured architects in belgavi i feel things should go under their guidence

  28. We are finding so many good feedbacks and suggestions. I wonder if any authorised or smart City officials are just bothering to see them and update their comments accordingly.

    I request AAB to convey this message to Smart city operational authority. Then only it really make sense to all the responsible people who have shared their time to comment above in this project.
    #Respect #Responsible Citizen

  29. Any city is the smartest on the airport road, our city should not miss the bus in executing the smart city project minus focus on this aspect…

  30. Its every Belagavi’s(Belgaumites’) wish that Belagavi should become a Smart city in the true sense. But to achieve this wish/desire, concentrated and sincere efforts on the part of the administration and co-operation of the citizens is the need of the hour. I believe the new CM of Karnataka state has also expressed his desire to transform Belagavi as a Model city of North Karnataka. This will be ALSO GOOD for the people of Belagavi.
    Jan Mohamed Shaikh( Past Resident )


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