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Belgaum Nexts conference tomorrow


Belgaum Next oirganised 1st Conference on Sustainable Development and Infrastructure at Belgaum will be held at VTU auditorium on September 4, 2010 from 9.30 am.

The conference will be aired live on a news channel(we will confirm the channel) and also we are trying to web cast the conference live on the internet. All those who cant make it, visit belgaumnext.com or even AAB for the live web cast.


The conference’s agenda is to ensure sustainable development.

So what is sustainable development? The most popular definition of sustainable development could be described as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet theirs”. Though there are different views and interpretations, it could be loosely defined as an ideal system with a set of wishful characteristics.

The conference aims to get experts from various fields, who will enlighten us on development model with sustainability.

Belgaum Next is a people’s endeavour to bridge the gap between good and bad governance on the strength of an open citizen’s platform and is steered by passionate people from across Industry, government, academia and other organizations. The platform stands for one voice that is focused on one agenda: the all round development of our city. Where every voice has weight and no idea is considered too small.

The speakers:

R.S.Naik will speak on Augmentation of supplies and efficient distribution, sustainable water harvesting, finance models.

Karan Dhaul, Director Global Energy Pvt. Ltd. Will speak on How to tackle present power issues new strategies to overcome ever growing demand of power.

Tusharamani Malgi Consultant, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Bangalore will speak on Development of Hub and Spoke model for roads, and improvement of public and mass transit system,Transit Oriented Development model.

Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd will speak on planning and creation of basic infrastructure to attract investments.

Mr. Surya will speak on Urban Renewal, town Planning & Capacity building.

Mr.Raj Bhandari, MD Adam Partners will speak on planning sustainable neighborhoods.

Sanjib Nayak, IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd will speak on Public Participation in development and decision making process.

Dr.Nitin Khot, will speak on Heritage Conservation and Tourism Infrastructure.



  1. Its enviable initiative usually found in news of Metros. It's pretty challenging task to visualise the roadmap for modern Tier II & III cities as urbanisation taking place happening very rapiddly.

    Lets hope the conference shall give influential direction to FUTURE BEGAUM !!


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