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Cantonment to officially launch dirt track

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After the great success of F1 in UP, the Belgaum Cantonment could officially launch its first dirt track of about 70 mtrs on Congress road (From Kagal Cross to Military Mahadev towards Gogte Circle.)

The road is clean of any asphalt and all boulders have come up to enjoy the fresh air. The road has been maintained in an aesthetic way that it resembles a dirt track and as the Cantonment is lacking in funds a proposal has been forwarded to it to collect fees from commuters who use the road (dirt track) and it is almost final that it would be named BIDT (Belgaum International Dirt Track).

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A few more test dirt tracks are planned in the camp area on a smaller scale and no fees would be collected there as the Cantonment wishes that people should first rehearse on those tracks in the Camp area and then try driving on the BIDT.

Various representations were made by the citizens to the Cantonment and sources close to this blog have said that it is confirmed that in a fortnight the same could be officially opened.

People coming to see the BIDT can also have some Vada Pav/ Tea and ice creams from Pop in while they watch the riders risk their lives for your entertainment.

The Belgaum Cantonment also plans a franchisee model of building of such Dirt tracks through out the various cantonment’s in the country and this would be for the first time that such a model would be implemented by a Cantonment anywhere.


So Belgaumites !!! get ready for BIDT, no doubt there wont be any grid girls around nor a pit stop nor the glamor, but if one survives the Cantonment roads you are WINNER.

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  1. Well said!! Truly, the road resembles a dirt track, every time i ride there , its a wonderful experience!!! Maybe we could even have a dirt race over there!!!

    However, being a national highway, I think we all would expect it to be in a better condition!


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