Dissolve council says Mayor

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Mayor Manda Balekundri and Deputy Mayor Renu Killekar have urged Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda to “dissolve” the Belgaum city corporation council and make the way for fresh elections for the city corporation. Both were there at the Sambra Airport to welcome CM.

It may be recalled that the Urban Development Ministry had issued a show cause notice to both Mayor and her Deputy and both denied getting any such notices till date.

They also said that they wont reply to any notices and further demanded that the council only be dissolved as even after being elected they cannot work for the city and even the other councilors dont support in running council meetings. Mayor said it would be rather good to approach the voters again rather than continuing.

A written memorandum would be sent by both to the CM’s office on Monday.ccbnewbig2

In the mean while CM D.V. Sadananda Gowda took the stand that he would take any decision only after he gets the reply to the notice issued.

A group of Kannada & Urdu speaking councilors also met D.V. Sadananda Gowda and were amazed to know from the CM that the Mayor had already requested for the dissolution of the council.

It may also be recalled that Belgaum corporation has being getting notices from the Urban Development Ministry over various issues including not holding of regular meetings and not following procedure.


At the airport only BJP MLA South of had to face strong words from the CM when he and his supporters created a scene at the airport. MLA wanted to take along with him supporters also from the VIP gate for which the police denied him permission and as soon as the CM came out of the terminal started shouting on which the MLA had to strong words from the CM and its is said MLA was told to abide by the rule and follow instructions of the Police.


8 thoughts on “Dissolve council says Mayor”

  1. Better if DC rules the city, if MES elected again then nothing will move and nothing will improve.

    If you wanna see Belgaum grow “DONT WASTE YOUR VOTE for these MES BUGS”…

    Elect those who can work for the better cause

    • Its sad to see tat the corporation is nothing but a forum of elected fighters from different lingual groups. Development & welfare of the city is nowhere in the agenda of our corporators. Its a shame on our part too, tat we belgaumites are ourselves responsible for this sad state of affairs.

      The corporation has no moral right to administrate the city.

      Let the commissioner run the city.. There should be a society of RWAs (residents welfare associations) to co ordinate with the commissioner on developmental matters..

      Its high time tat we recall our elected corporators and urge the urban development minister Suresh Kumar to make these reforms..

  2. They Mayor and Dy Mayor haven't yet felt the heat and power of the law, they think its their kitty party to do whatever they want and doing it (they themselves have no knowledge of what they are upto as they are guided by others).. Arrogance is to the limits, They themselves are calling in trouble from the law makers. Once the court proceeding starts, only the two will be left and all supporters will vanish off, then the duo have to keep visiting for appearences at court for years all by themselves.
    Drama for nothing & It ain't helping Belgaum in Development whatsoever.

  3. as if she wil wil invest whole money for again election again election again new corpaorators
    is short (paise ka teri baap ka haie ..??) its ur mistake u slove the issue rather to dissolve the corporation

  4. Time and again people of belgaum are telling that MES corporators have not done anything in concrete in their respective contituencies and their are spoiling the other corporators for their gains which is of no use because belgaum can never be part of maharastra. It is time that the government dissolve the belgaum corporation and bring it under the rule of DC. Let it be govern'd by the DC atleast for 2 years if rule permits then the elected member will learn some words

  5. its all the mayors fault. the mayor working in karnataka supported for maharastraha. its against the will of karnataka govt.the mayor has proved to be defaulter and gaddhar. they should be punished

  6. They went to the CM as they want corp dissolved and not them gettting disqualified for their deeds, for if corp is dissolved they can contest back but if they are disqualified, they can't be back 🙂
    CM is a smart guy.. thats why he said answer to the Notice!


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