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City corporation plans to build two malls

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The Belgaum city corporation is now planning to build TWO malls in the city by which it expects to generate about 110 crores of income.

The Sakal in its news report says the Corporation is mulling to build one Mall at Kalamandir and other one on an empty plot in Mal Maruti area.

The plan which has been forwarded to the Karnataka infrastructure development corporation also includes Multiplxes in both the Malls.

kalamandirThe modalities of the plan however are yet to be finalized as to how it will be implemented but mostly the Develop Build operate and transfer model is likely to be implemented.
About 77 crores would be the capital investment and the corporation aims to gain about 116 crores from the same.

Kalamandir is spread over 7800 sq mtrs out of which 27000 sq feet would be utilized for the mall and an estimate of 44 crores has been made. The mall will include Multiplex, food court, entertainment park and independent parking.

There is an empty plot measuring 1.35 acres, out of which 20000 sq feet would be utilized for the mall.
People reading this dont just jump out of your seats, these are just plans and plan of makeover of the Kalamandir.
In January 2010, it was decided that in place of Kalamandir a 4 storeyed shopping complex would be constructed but nothing stirred from the plan. 

13 thoughts on “City corporation plans to build two malls”

  1. This corporation which has hardly built any good children parks or provide congestion free areas in city wants to build mall purely for commercial reason. It will be good if corporation concentrate on ensuring basic amenities like water, drainage roads are taken care rather than venturing mall construction.

    • If you read newspapers regularly and see the pipeline of industries that are coming up in belgaum 🙂 hardly any other district in India is getting that, yes.. we lack in service sector industry.. now, to beat Bangalore.. first we have to improve our communication skills, the language.. then why not? next hub will be Belgaum 🙂

  2. Belgaum’s first mall Nucleus which was opened in 2008 is now also fully occupied after 4.5 years. Last time when i visited i saw that only 1st floor(Reliance Trends) and 3rd floor(Big Cinemas) occupied.Nucleus Mall is located in good location but even then nobody is intersted to start business there.Any idea what may be the exact cause or Belgaum is still not ready for mall culture as there are no mall constructions started after this.

    • We need space.. parking! thats the most important aspect of any shop or mall!! people need to relax, park thier vehicle, get out in ease.. go and shop.. it all should be in relaxed mode.. who likes hurrying in shopping or parking or watching a movie in fast done things? We need to expand, we need to also care for the customers parking, thier comfort, if we want them to be our business 🙂

  3. Nice move 🙂 .. but what about the illegal constructions in nagars ? nagars were supposed to be alotted by govt and no illegal construction should come up be it in height, shops or anything, no is bothered! no one cares for FSI Rules! so now this corporation is all set to make revenue out of complexes? thats a good decision.. we need malls , where would youngsters relax and enjoy!!! fine.. keeping that apart, revive the exisiting infra, people are building anyways they want.. no FSI rule, nor the city engineer cares nor anyone.. we blame the commisionner.. come on.. the corruption is from LOW LEVELS.. please madam visit nagars.. ask for FSI rules and height of buildings.. you’ll be shocked. Please visit all areas, see for youself.. whats happening! people are buliding 4 floors on a 10 feet wide road, no sunlight, no wind no nothing.. please mam.. thats a good move of building multiplexes.. but please do something about this!

  4. Maala MALL, is it really the city corporation making the money or its office bearers. One good thing that I have seen by the corporation is changing the old streetlights to new LED on Khanapur road, near RPD. If they are constructing ground plus 3 at Kala Mandir, then the parking will be on the roads Guruwar Peth, Shukrawar Peth. Think of the congestion on Thursday. Aadhar Office will become Niraadhar. Where the old rusting vehicles be shifted. Again best will be to shift the vegetable market on the the ground floor, government offices on first floor, 2nd floor for other shops, third floor for theater or say multiplex, fourth floor can be converted to say basketball court or solar power generation park or like someone said park for children and elderly, with rainwater harvesting. Basement can be given to private players like Central Parking Services with lease for multi-level parking, so that roads also become free.

  5. good developments but before that corporation should think on improve the infrastructure of city then only we can get industries. what happened to development fund of 2 nd installment from CM ? still its big question mark for every citizen of Belgaum. its just because of lack of interest of local politicians. So how can we expect the growth of our city?


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