Can we now have CCB page on FB

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After the launch of the Traffic Police Belgaum page within 10 days it has seen 900+ fans and enormous amount of data from the readers and netizens. Right from a Signal break to wrong parking all photos have been uploaded and the police has also taken action on the same. The Traffic police is making a point to listen to the complaints and also give information about the meetings held with the Auto drivers etc to evince confidence in the people.

So, now is the turn of the Belgaum city corporation to also have such a Facebook page so that it becomes easier for the people to share their complaints and thoughts. Many city corporations do have such similar pages like the Hubli-Dharwad municipal corporation has one page.

The success of any initiative like this is only possible if the authorities read and reply to the queries. Once the authorities start replying and state the action taken, people will get more confidence and this is this confidence that can help the society at large.

We at AAB think that someone from the corporation will read this blog and get inspired as the police department did after we posted a story.

Hope we are being read?


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