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Fort lake closed at 6

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The fort lake now was becoming one of the happening places in this sleepy town. In the evenings the children used to enjoy the games, the toy train. Boating was also another major attraction along with the floating cafeteria. The elderly used to use the walkway for walking, now all this will not happen as the Lake premises is closed by the Police at 6pm.lakenight 1

No one is allowed inside the lake premises after 6 pm, this step was taken by the Belgaum police after a person was murdered inside the lake premises on last Friday. The police have been able to catch hold of the culprits and the killing happened after one group of boys ill teased a girl.

Sandeep Patil, SP visited the lake yesterday and ordered the corporation that the wall be raised to a greater height as all the miscreants come over by jumping those walls. Also incidents of stone throwing had been earlier reported from the same area of the lake.

But with the decision of the Police to shut the lake at 6 has not gone good with the people. A group of students who was there to celebrate a friends birthday said that, if the lake is closed at 6pm only what is the use. We come here after our classes and want to enjoy the boating and we cant boat in the afternoon in the hot sun.

In another case, the floating cafeteria was booked for a birthday party of a kid well in advance, but when he came to know that he wont be able to celebrate his birthday on the boat he was very angry and was not ready to go home as well.

Darshan Udyog Samuha which runs and maintains the lake said that, most of our business happens after 6pm and as we are closed at 6 pm we are loosing a lot of money.

Citizens also urged that atleast half of the lake should be made open to public at least until 8pm as most of the people would come in after their days work to relax and enjoy.

Also a fact that the monsoons are near and the holidays will get over in a week and then the number of people coming to lake will also get reduced. The Police has said that once the height of the walls have been raised the lake could function as earlier. But with the monsoons nearing and time taken by the corporation to execute such things one can expect that we all wont be able to enjoy at the Lake after 6pm for a long time.


6 thoughts on “Fort lake closed at 6”

  1. KOTEKERE is for sure becoming one of the happening places in the city… Closing it down for one such incident is not justified.
    Instead the city police should setup a police booth at Kotekere and deploy its men for patrolling in the evening hours.. A bicycle squad of police can easily patrol the area at any given point of time..

  2. Mr Sandeep patil

    Is this a solution to the problem ? Why dont you tighten the security by deploying some police there instead of closing it at 6pm ?

  3. Good for the police !!!!

    We dont find this happening anywhere else.

    For instance, see the courage of Mumbaikars, even after 26/11, neither the spirit of the police nor the Mumbaikars has gone down.

    God help Belgaum police !!!

    • ha ha ha

      what joke villcy … If Mumbaikars and Mumbai police was so courageous or genuine then our Mumbai could have been on the safer side ,,, The attack itself was never happened ,,,

      Mumbai police is a dumbest police in India…

  4. ya i appriciate the decision taken by the SP but if you provide some police security at the place then this can be avoided also i have seen the mis use of the place like the recent generation couples are doing non sence things in front of all elder peoples.. this won't look good.. if you have came to enjoy then be in limits and enjoy..


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