Garbage in water tank


by CJ- Sanjeev Patravali

Under the nirmal gram yojna and various other schemes the garbage is collected from house to house and then it is collected and taken to the dumping ground.

But today morning at Somwar Peth, Tilakwadi the Garbae collectors who had collected the garbage dumped the same into a water tank kept on the side of the road, which was kept there for some construction work of the gutter.

The residents who saw this incident were raged and got hold of the culprits and asked them to remove all the garbage they had dumped.

The problem of waste management is the worst and the most important any city. The main objective of collecting of this garbage from house to house is that the same is not dumped else where, but the entire logic of this scheme has been kept aside by these private people and we have come to know about this due to some vigilant residents.

The corporation should have a mechanism which will monitor these private people who have got the contract to collect the garbage so that such incidents do not repeat.


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  1. "jago" health department,Belgaum corpn. "jago"

    City corpn. of belgaum initiated a programme by collecting garbage from house to house engaging a private machinery. But, failed to monitor and take corrective steps.

    Today in the morning at 8.30 am at somwarpeth, tilakwadi, garbage collectors dumped the garbage collected into a water tank meant for construction work of gutters at the site in progress.

    The nearby residents witnessed the incident,photographed and forced the garbage collectors to take-off the garbage from the water tank which they had dumped for last 2 days.

    At the time of protest by the residents a self declared would be corporator did not turnup at the site.

    Residents, social organizations & political parties if any, should look into such matters rather than ascertaining borders.

    The snaps taken at the time speak volumes.

    "Jago ccb Jago".


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