Open manholes a death trap

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The several open manholes in city are posing a serious threat to the lives of the people. Be it the posh localities or suburban areas, open manholes can be seen everywhere. Despite several incidents in the past where people have fallen in these manholes and suffered injuries.

Open manholes were not even barricaded or demarcated by the authorities concerned. The locals instead had placed bamboo sticks to alert commuters.

The latest one we have found is at Swami Vivekanand Colony 3rd cross, just at the junction of Congress road and the said cross near More store on Congress Road.

Swami Vivekanand Colony 3rd cross Congress road junction


Some local residents have put in a stick to inform the motorists and pedestrians of this open death trap.

There is a similar open man hole in Vadgaon, Yellur Road and yesterday a young boy fell from his cycle and a car was about to run on him as he had to stop his cycle as he was not aware of the open man hole.

 These pits can lead to accidents during daytime itself but they become all the more dangerous during the night time.

The indifference of the civic administration is such that many associations of residents in the city complain about the authorities not addressing the problem of open manholes though they receive numerous complaints.

Although there have been no fatalities fortunately in Belgaum several motorists and even pedestrians have fallen into open pits, a city bus was stuck in such man hole in Angol in the recent past.
This is just one case of the many such similar cases of open man holes in the city.


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  1. Local corporators, govt. officials & administration is sleeping god knows when these people will wake up and attend complains at once or they are waiting till innocent life is lost.


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