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Belgaum now gets water once in 4 days

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This is the first week of June and Belgaumites are facing an acute water shortage as the Rakaskop dam is almost dry. Now water is supplied once in FOUR days earlier it was every alternate day.

The current level of water at Rakaskop is almost less than 5 feet from the previous year.

The Rakaskop reservoir is spread over 866 acres.
As there has been no pre monsoon showers in the month May the reservoir has reached its last level. A huge amount of silt has gathered at the bottom of the lake which has not been cleaned and only plans of cleaning have been done. Infact it is time that the height of the reservoir is also increased so that more water can be stored with the growing population of the city.

On the other hand a reader sent us this photo taken near Military Mahadeo on Nolan Road where the MLIRC fills tankers, but we can hardly find any tankers in sight and water being wasted.DSC00051

About Rakaskop: 16 Kms from Belgaum literally means a hamlet of a Rakkasa (Giant), who is stated to have lived on a hillrock near the village. A cavern in laterite on the hillrock resembling a huge seated human figure is shown by the people to remind his past existance. Here is a Dam across the river Markandeya, supplying drinking water to Belgaum.

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  1. It would be really helpfull if the tentative schedule of water supply dates be put up,so that we may plan in advance……thank you.


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