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Traffic cops to be Blackberry boys soon

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The Traffic cops of Belgaum will soon become Blackberry boys as they would given the Blackberry handsets similar to that their counterparts are using from a couple of years in Bangalore.

Known as the BlackBerry Assisted Traffic Enforcement project, 10 officers have been trained for using the same and by 15 June we could see them fine violators using the device.blackberry traffic cops

To begin with CPI Traffic, Traffic sub inspectors, assistant police sub inspectors will be given the handsets and each system which includes a blue-tooth printer costs around Rs.50,000.

The new system will enable real time monitoring of traffic enforcement, bring in transparency, eliminate discretion and reduce possibility of malpractice. The initiative brings together all aspects of traffic policing and is capable of pulling out data on more than 2 million cases in less than 2 minutes.

Advantages of the new system:
On the spot fine collection and receipt

Cases booked are stored in the server and repeated offenders can be identified
For those who can not pay spot fines notices are issued and the details are put up on the servers.


Registration database from transport department linked up to Automated Enforcement Centre

The Blackberry devices will be on-line and will be connected to a central server. Just by entering the license number the traffic cops can access the database of the traffic offenders, their offense history and penalize habitual offenders accordingly. One cannot tamper with the penalty amount as the penalty amount will be decided before hand and fed into the device based on the nature of violation. Habitual traffic offenders, take note. Henceforth, you can’t go scot-free for subsequent traffic violations as city traffic police are going hi-tech to crack down on offenders.

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  1. dear sir,

    this is excellent job the quest global sez is starting the aerospace design & manufacturing unit starting in hattragi.

    if you have any vacancy please inform me on mail [email protected] or mob.8147401097

    thank you.

    • …….And I dont know what level of moderation happens when my comments await moderation, but this above comment is a classic case of irrelevant content. That comment should actually be on the job portal rather than here where Blackberry with Traffic police has nothing to do with quest global sez job opportunities.
      If the moderator wants to delete that comment, he is free to delete mine too as I would sound ‘hanging’ without the original one 🙂

      • Gr88 sence and great reply Mr. Indian, Infact people like you must do moderation to have healthy comments lot- keep it up all appreiaciated

        • I already moderate a professional forum and hence I can sense these issues more strongly due to my experience. Wish your words are seen by Uday 😉

    • Technology is expensive, but rest assured its useful. Keeping pace with technology is the necessary evil of the modern society. That said, it would be interesting to see how long RIM is able to keep its services running especially with the declining market-share (this might be crucial if the the BB assisted traffic enforcement project depends on the BB servers). But Considering the number of wastage of our tax-payers money, I would be ready to gamble on this amount to get better administration from the policing fraternity.

      I would encourage you to check on the Bangalore model for its success instead of querying on this panel where official answer is not expected, and un-official one would not be substantive!!

  2. Good move on modernization


    Our observation ; Policeman wait for you to commit the offense at signals like,
    NOT preventing you to stop on zebra crossing or
    NOT warning one while parking in No-parking zone etc etc.

    Later they do appear in front of you similar to our Akshay kumar as in Mohra movie to issue fine/ penalty Challans with this hi-tech gadgets.

    Collecting fine for rule offenders is appreciated in law but at the same time everybody expects our Traffic police officers to control the traffic and encourage people to obey rules.

  3. If Belgaum traffic police wants money then he ll get it at any condition..
    he asks for helmate, if its there he ll ask for licence then for RC card, then for insurance papers..
    many ppl wont cary these things and charge heavy dues on them..


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