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Dead new born female found in drain

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A one day old new born female body was found dumped in a drain near Ganesh Pet of Old Belgaum. The police are trying to identify who has thrown the baby here and its is said that the baby was dumped there as it was a girl and not a boy.

This is entirely shocking after the constant news from many cities in Maharashtra about female foeticide.

The police are investigating into the matter and details are still awaited

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  1. it is such a hopeless act. Why do you give birth to a baby when you are not ready to accept it. Why dont the people understand that girls are not a liability but an asset to their family and nation. To hell with such a society. I really feel sorry that after all the efforts are being put by media, ngo’s,governement still people have the courage to do this cruel act.

  2. The shameless and brutal murder of an innocent baby in Belgaum followed by her humiliating farewell by the dumping of her sweet and innocent body in one of the filthy drains of Belgaum is just another confirmation of the hideous fact that Indians are the most low down, double crossing, barbarian and brutish materialistic animal-camouflaged humans in the world today. And this extends down up – from the poorest of the poor to the filthy rotting rich in Bombay . Obviously, this category of Indians are not humans in anyway and nothing but downright satanists whose primary objective is to take every human being to hell instead of helping them to go to heaven. Well, if these damn barbarian Satanists think that they have sent this poor and innocent baby to hell to await their entry let them know that this angel is in heaven with the Lord and on the day of Divine Judgment when these bloody dogs are condemned to eternal fires of hell, this little angelic baby will ridicule them along with all the angels and saints in heaven for their mortal sins. If ever these murdering dogs are caught by the police or whoever, then I strongly suggest that they be crucified to death just the way the Romans killed the shameless Jews more than 20 centuries ago. This baby’s blood cries out for vengeance and vengeance is what she will get.


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