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Club road to Argan Talav road to be widened

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The Club road from circle near Harsha Electronics upto the circle of Argan Talav would be widened and dividers would also be installed.

The PWD has got a in principal sanction for this widening and for the same yesterday the trees were marked and the entire road was road

About 3crores 70 lakhs is the estimated expenditure for the widening of this road.
Initially this road was planned to be broadened upto Ganesh Temple Hindalga but as most of the land comes under the Cantonment and even after writing to them for years, it has been decided to widen the road only upto the circle of Argan Talav.

The exact width of the road is still unknown and it would be known only when the final tender for the work is floated.

10 thoughts on “Club road to Argan Talav road to be widened”

  1. It should be widened upto hindalga. There is a lot of traffic on this road in the morning and evening. I have travelled a lot of times from hindalga to city and the traffic is increasing day by day…………

    • Yes but the Cantonment land they should give it which is a major hindrance, one side there is lake which cannot be approached hence one needs to widen on the other side

      • Dear Sameer,
        Very nice to hear your words. You are worried of the kids,family standing on road on the club road. The Club road widening from Hotel Milan is a must as there are many Govt offices, Hospitals. I have experienced many times the club road/hospital road gets blocked . The public voice is required not the Politicians /Govt Organisation.

        • Understand the problem.PWD has marked but do you think it will
          be done. Club road divider will be removed to safegaurd big
          people and feel good road having hospital Casualty will be
          jammed. Sorry cannot speak more

    • Widening of Club Road From Hotel Milan atleast 100ft is a must. This is a busy Road and there is no footpath ,no bus stand on this have to stand on road for bus stop on road. there not many trees but only 500mts -750mtrs road to be widened as new buildings have left space for the plan.Govt organisation/Politicians should think sincerely and work for good cause immediately and widen Club Road as marked in 2010 .


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