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Coin operated e-toilets in Belagavi soon

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The city has very less public toilets and now the City Corporation Belagavi has floated tenders for SEVEN e-toilets at an estimated cost of 6,99,663 each and the deliveries are expected in 60 days from the date of sanction.etoilet

Facilities that will be provided
Built-in water tank with minimum 225 Litres capacity
Access control using coin validator for entering the unit based on Automatic Payment Collection mechanism. Exit from the unit should be manual.
Automatic lights inside the unit, which glows on opening the door
Automatic flushing system which includes (a) Automatic Pre-flush cleaning before use (b) Automatic closet washing mechanism after use and (c) Automatic Platform cleaning mechanism programmed after specific number of users. In addition to this, flush switch is to be provided for manual operation.
Standard features should include Health faucet, Exhaust fan and Clothes hanger.
Alerts to the users- Different indications on ‘Ready to use’, ‘Busy’ are to be provided in the unit.
Web enabled support- GPRS based Real-time data to be provided from the unit through web for knowing the health status like number of users per day and coins collected.
Modular and Portable design enabling easy assembling and installation at site.
Status Display in LED, printed instruction boards in two languages are to be provided.
Voice Guidance in the unit for users
Backup power facility like UPS is to be provided by supplier to supplement up to 30 minutes
Napkin Vending Machine and Napkin Incinerator
The Company shall have mechanism to maintain the unit during the warranty period, comprising of technical support, cleaning support etc.

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