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Corrigendum NH4 A to be 4 laned by IRB only in Goa state

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Belgaum Goa road to be 4 laned contract to IRB infra

In this post I had mentioned “The 81 kms stretch from Karnataka Goa border to Belgaum road NH 4A will be widened by IRB INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPERS LIMITED.


This is correct and the 81 kms stretch is in Goa itself. That is from Panaji to Karnataka Border. For Belgaum to Goa border road the tender has been called for and u can get details on NHAI site here it is: “Design, Engineering,Finance,Construction, Operation And Maintenance Of Belgaum- Knt/Goa Border Section Of NH-4a From Km 0.000 To Km 84.000 In The State Of Karnataka Under NHDP Phase III On Design, Build,Finance,Operate And Transfer (DBFOT) ) Toll Basis. . RFQ, Invitation, Replies to Queries

The photos in the old post were of the Belgaum to Goa stretch which is full of greenery. The said tender has not been granted yet as it is in litigation. Nature lovers have taken some objection over cutting the trees on the stretch.

AllAboutBelgaum is very apologetic for the error.  


8 thoughts on “Corrigendum NH4 A to be 4 laned by IRB only in Goa state”

  1. This shows the initiative is taken by Goa governmant and Karnataka government is still sleeping over it, thanks Mr BSY this is what we can expect as ignorance a continued gift of ignorance for Belgaum , as a border district already PWD division office is moved to Hubli , and further nothing will be done for GOA BELGAUM Highway I believe , and Belgaumites keep sleeping , common wake up meet our elected representatives, and one more thing , Mr Jr Bommai will not do anything being District incharge minister, He is from Hubli why would he take interest for Belgaum, Disguting

  2. Hi,

    I am also disappointed, as initially I thought this was a pleasant surprise.

    When it comes to Belgaum/Dharwad/Hubl, IMHO, all three cities are not lucky. I think the only initiatives from Govt in the last 1-2 decades worth mentioning are 1) VTU in Belgaum 2) Circuit court (not even a permanent one) in Dharwad 3) Railway zone in Hubli. For these, people had to fight for many many years.

    I always thought for NANO cars, Belgaum was more suitable than Dharwad. Belgaum is still waiting for Belgaum-Dharwad railway line, and also Vidhana Soudha, plus many others. About Vidhana Soudha though, sometimes I feel, the 250 crores could better be spent on Belgaum city/district basic necessities like drainage etc… Likewise Hubli/Dharwad are waiting for an IIT for decades…

    IMO, this situation will continue for ever, as these cities are located near by compared to Gulbarga. Now that I mentioned Gulbarga, it has no neighbourhood competition. It got Circuit court, Central University, now a central govt sponsored ESIS multi speciality medical college-cum-hospital (Thanks to Shri Kharge), without much struggle, plus many others.

    It is like having three children in a family compared to one. not a neat/good comparison, but still, I hope it conveys the basic idea…

    Just my opinion, I may be wrong here. Comments welcome.

  3. Dear JT , Thanks for your valuable comments and they are genuine too, but do we have some eye-openers here who could meet our Public representatives like Mr Naik Mr Angadi for Mr Sait or Mr Kore.

    Minster of state for Railways skips Belgaum and visited many cites in Karnataka, except Mr Konnur (though not from Belgaum) asked for Belgaum Dharwad line.No one from Belgaum made an effort to meet him and So called district In charge Minister Jr Bommai was Mum on the demands for Belgaum Why? A small town of not more than 2 lac of population in Maharashtra called Usmanbad have a direct train everyday with its state capital Mumbai, cant Belgaum deserve one to Bangalore all we have is two passenger train to Miraj .

    There is talk of non-viable rail line between Bagalkot and Kudchi a small village, Why not Belgaum be linked to Bgalkot and further to Raichur it would give further connectivity to Hyderabad and Vaizag will not bring in more business sense to Cement industries in this belt,
    Railways are lifeline Belgaum is the border district with no special privileges, where as others get lot of attentions , all development from Bangalore stops at Hubli-Dharwad Why?

    Nano plant I had called up Belgaum Chamber of Commerce Chief, to explain the benefits of Belgaum’s auto ancillary units, what was lacking is lack of information and potential that Belgaum have around itself, we have 2500 acres of barren land behind Kakti and Vantmuri , can industries be not brought in here.

    Power plant was to take off, KRV stopped it because it is coal based, I have answer to this also, the power produced from coal cost 0.62paise per unit, naphtha based unit produces the power at Re 2.25/unit Gas powered turbines produced Re 3/- and finally nuclear power the cheapest though cost 0.50 paise, but problem is cost of nuclear fuel transportation and nuclear waste disposal which remain radio active for several years. So now certain advanced countries are going back for coal based, can we afford alternative methods.

    Uday Can we have campaign for all this, will it reach more people? Will it then be carried forward by our so called public representatives?

    I am hurt for the treatment Belgaum is getting , vidhan soudha will not make any difference till all the divisional offices of Belgaum moved to Hubli Dharwad is brought back ,
    Trains to Bangalore should start form Belgaum
    Belgaum Veer Rani Channamma University should come into effect before end of this year.
    VTU should have its studio foreign research centre and collaborations at Belgaum and not at Mysore and Bangalore

  4. Yes Uday/Sathish,

    This is really disappointment news. As already updated my comments(Kinfisher stopped operating planes)the only city in India which going under devloped day by day means all cities getting new colleges, hospitals, Govt offices, Transport facilites, the list goes on… but in our Belgaum case it is reverse we always getting news like Govt offices moved to Hubli, Planes stopped, There is no Trains for Belgaum in this budget, Vidhan Soudha project post poned. Nano not interested on Belgaum. In SEZ Belgaum not considered and the list goes on………

    I don't Know why government has not at all interested in devloping Belgaum?. May every one assumed that because of border dispute but I think it is not the case. Our public representative must work on it and they need to pressure on Govt.

    Even we all need to put pressure on them.

    Vidhan Soudha, International Airport, IT's, Textile Industries, Ring Roads,

    Botonical Garden, Indipendent University …..

    No body has idea when these will impliment. Still we are dreaming….

  5. hi,

    As everyone knows here, Kingfisher stopped their daily flight operation from Belgaum, the past week. It is really sad and unfortunate, but we have to live with reality.

    I did use the services of Air Deccan a few times, but that was about 4-5 years ago, not recently.

    IMO, one of the reasons for low patronage may be, Kingfisher priced the tickets high? Though I can’t confirm the earlier price between Belgaum and Bng/Mumbai today, the current price between Hubli and Bangalore is about Rs 4,000/- Isn’t that a bit high??? May be one day people will stop flying from Hubli also, especially if they are paying from their pocket. Also now additional time/money is required to travel to/from Devanahalli. Does Kingfisher really want to stop the services?

    Just a thought process. It may be THE stupid idea, but anyway here it is.

    Govt is planning for an airport in Bijapur also. IMHO, even this won’t be commercially viable. So what I think is as follows : Instead of having THREE airports in Belgaum/Hubli/Bijapur, have ONE centrally located, VIABLE, international level airport in/around Saundatti/Yargatti. It is definitely a ridiculous idea today, but I am looking at the next 10-20-30-40 years. This will not only cater to Belgaum/Hubli/Dharwad, but also to a lot of tourists visiting Badami /Aihole /Pattdkal, in addtion to may be Bijapur also.

    Govt can immediately release about 2500+ acres in Saundatti/Yargatti area. The airport expansion, at Hubli has been bogged down, due to problems in the land acquisition process.

    One other thing I feel strongly is, when Hubli can have 4-5 trains to Bangalore daily, Belgaum should have AT LEAST one express train to Bangalore. It is a matter of common sense, IMHO.

    Also, though I was too young to know around that time, in early 70s due to border issue, Karnataka Govt shifted a few offices from Dharwad to Belgaum, and PWD was one of them. This is a fact, though I don’t know what happened later??, like did they shift it back?? I appreciate any info in this regard.

    sorry for the long post…

  6. Hello Sathish/Uday/JT,

    Your ideas and comments are true. The karnataka govt should think seriously about Belgaum as its second capital of the state and economically second largest exporter in the state.

    There should be flights flying between Bangalore-belgaum-hubli and same from Maharashtra Mumbai-pune-kolhapur-belgaum as belgaum has few good number of foundries, mechanical units, Quest and booming city in IT after Bangalore now a days. And I am sure if it gets proper attention from karnataka govt and from Local politicians our belgaum will be number one in IT/ITES industry. Also the machinery/automobile industry also reach at its high level.

    Regarding education, Belgaum has the best education institutes in karnataka which is good for entire north karnataka. The peoples are coming from all over India to have good education.We need few more medical colleges and engineer colleges.The belgaum climate is superb and very helpful to recover the patinets very soon from the illness so we need some more govt hospitals.

    I traveled by Air Deccan in 2007 from Bangalore and that time I paid 2400/Rs and there are number of passengers(The air bus was almost full and this not on weekend) and now the kingfisher price is around 4000/Rs which is very high.So the High price+More time=Lack of passengers we can say. The kingfisher had the option to club the more than one destination but they do not want to do that..why?

    We expect some comments from our BJP MLA’s and from Belgaum Mayor regarding this and what actions they are going to take…Are they reading these news OR they not at all bothered about our city development..?

  7. Hello friends,

    This is a matter regarding the standards of the works carried out by the corporation. All they have to do is, for eg. while constructing a road, join it with the footpaths without leaving a space between the road and the pavement. If, in case, the pavement (footpath) is not there, then concrete the space between the road and the gutters so that the soil should not be spread all around. Put up the sign boards all along with posh designs and logos.

    There are many such initiatives the corporation should carry out for the city to get its brand name. One of the ways, such ideas can be conveyed to the corporation, is none other than this site/uday. Yes, the ideas of youths is lacking with the corp. Also the state govt. is and has always cheating belgaum, which is being viewed as a second capital. But i dont know why only bangalore and mysore are being considered.

    The theme is much simple here to the authorities. "What you do, just maintain the max. standards"

    Do comment guys…


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