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Longest blindfold limbo skating-world record set by Rohan Kokane of Belgaum


Nine-year-old student Rohan Ajit Kokane passed under a car (clearing a height of 6.75 inches) blindfolded-setting the world record for the Longest blindfold limbo skating.

Rohan with his numerous medals and World Record Certificate
Rohan with his numerous medals and World Record Certificate




Rohan Ajit Kokane, a Class IV student from St. Xavier’s High School of Belgaum, successfully cleared the Guinness World Record attempt in blindfold limbo skating by passing under a car blindfolded in Hubli on April 3, 2009.
Unfazed by the failure of the first two attempts, Rohan passed under the car (clearing a height of 6.75 inches) with ease in his third and final attempt to create a new Guinness Record in a new category.rohankokane

 As the crowd applauded him with a standing ovation, tears of happiness rolled down the eyes of Anupama, Rohan’s mother, while the proud father Ajit stood speechless for a moment.
Then it was celebration time with students entering the basketball ring where the record attempt was made to greet the achiever.

When reporters asked Rohan how he felt, he said “Achcha lagta hai” (It feels good). And, he didn’t forget to thank his parents and coach for his achievement.

The record attempt was organized as part of a national-level technical festival “Pleiades”.
Rohans father Ajit, thanked this blog for covering the event held in August (see here) that helped Rohan get the record certificate as the World Record Academy was verified with various websites on the authenticity of the event.  

Rohan has been working very hard and he will be performing in front of the President of India in a short time. People like Rohan have to be supported financially by the government and other social groups as he needs money to get himself trained. Hope the government looks into this achievement of Rohan and grants him some scholarship which will encourage him to achieve more in life.

Congrats Rohan, You have made us all proud.




  1. Congrats & grow more. I am proud to be Belgaum person to see the personnel like Rohan Kokane…. God bless you dear

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