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Dirt track is now Race track


On November 6, 2011 we had made a post Cantonment to officially launch Dirt track, which showed the pitiable condition of Congress road from Kagal Cross to Military Mahadev.

In the past 4 days the same road was entirely dug up and a totally new road was laid down and even (dirt track part) has now been completed.

vega spaces belagavi

Hence now this has converted it self into a race track.

The repaired Road Photo: Biswajith
The road on Nov 6, 2011

In fact the entire road from Gogte circle to Kagal cross is being re-asphalted and the bad road on the rail line side is also under repairs and almost 70% work is over on that part as well.

The Cantonment has atlast heard to the voices and we now have good motorable road.



  1. koi Ramthirth Nagar ka road ko thik karne ko bolo…..yar din bar di bhigadta jaraha hai deka nahi jaata

  2. I had visited Belgaum last week. I found it improved from what i had seen last. The problem that i noticed was the Fort road. I dont undersatnd why this road has been neglected. I think this road should have been the priority than widening RPD. This road should be made of concrete as many HTVs ply.

  3. what about the Fish market road it is still the same. Now ABB should start haunting the cantonment for fish market road

  4. Does anyone thank or appreciate the govt anytime? 🙂
    We only speak against, just a thought!
    Thanks for the sweet roads, Cantonment, corporation and the Govt.. (whoever did it)

    • Why we cant thank AAB, for the initiative. AAB is doing the elected rep's job easy by raising the local issues.
      Anyway million Thanks "AAB".


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