Dirt track is now Race track

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On November 6, 2011 we had made a post Cantonment to officially launch Dirt track, which showed the pitiable condition of Congress road from Kagal Cross to Military Mahadev.

In the past 4 days the same road was entirely dug up and a totally new road was laid down and even (dirt track part) has now been completed.

Hence now this has converted it self into a race track.

The repaired Road Photo: Biswajith
belgaum roads
The road on Nov 6, 2011

In fact the entire road from Gogte circle to Kagal cross is being re-asphalted and the bad road on the rail line side is also under repairs and almost 70% work is over on that part as well.

The Cantonment has atlast heard to the voices and we now have good motorable road.

7 thoughts on “Dirt track is now Race track”

  1. Does anyone thank or appreciate the govt anytime? 🙂
    We only speak against, just a thought!
    Thanks for the sweet roads, Cantonment, corporation and the Govt.. (whoever did it)

    • Why we cant thank AAB, for the initiative. AAB is doing the elected rep's job easy by raising the local issues.
      Anyway million Thanks "AAB".

  2. I had visited Belgaum last week. I found it improved from what i had seen last. The problem that i noticed was the Fort road. I dont undersatnd why this road has been neglected. I think this road should have been the priority than widening RPD. This road should be made of concrete as many HTVs ply.


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