Diversions, Traffic woes and top it on, Pilot VIP vehicles

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The roads are being re laid and hence the have been blocked from one side and hence the traffic is moving on a snails pace on Khanapur Road, From Cantonment Office towards Bogarves.


I was behind some 30 odd trucks and busses in a line, which were all moving at a very slow pace to the standard of Belgaum. Suddenly to add to all it a loud siren is heard and all look behind thinking it to be a ambulance and to give way to it, but when they see it’s a Pilot car of VIP all just look at him and no one moved.


The pilot car overtook me and went forward even when we all were stranded. The scene was nice when a truck from the front came in and the pilot car was stranded in the middle with nowhere to go. The siren was still on and was very annoying. The pilot car some how managed to make through the traffic and then zoomed out with the VIP.


We elect these politicians and they become VIPs and we the common man who elect them have to suffer.

This scene of traffic woes due to VIP vehicles will only increase in the days to come, especially from Chennama circle to KLE.


Road from Bogarves to Khanapur road (PWD limit near the old age home) has been completed. Now it is a smooth ride.


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