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Dream of a ring road

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District incharge minister Umesh Katti in a review meeting yesterday asked the officials to prepare a new plan for the Ring road within 10 days.

He said make a committee which would consist of members from BUDA, PWD, Corporation and see that a new plan is ready in 10 days.

Halga-Macche bypass is part of the ring road and the land acquisition should be completed soon and land would handed over said an official.

In 2006 a Jaipur based company was awarded the contract but even before the work could commence the urban development ministry cancelled the contract and gave it to state road Development Corporation. And here it all began, the never ending story of court cases and we having to wait for a period not known.ringroad

Belgaumites need that ring road as the movement of heavy vehicles will be diverted on to the new road giving the regular traffic some more space on the roads.

This road can avoid the enormous accidents that happen on the Udyambag road. In addition, vehicles going to Goa from Kolhapur etc can directly take the new road and avoid heavy traffic in city limits. It is the case with people from Goa to Kolhapur, if they divert from Peeranwadi they will join the NH 4 at Kakti. Towards Bangalore, you can join Halga on NH 4.

old estimate:

Belgaum ring road planned in two phases.
1) Hindalga-Peeranwadi-Halga
2) Hindalga-Kakti-Halga

Total ring road length 38 kms.
Ring road breadth 100 feet
285 acres of land needed
Rs.1425 lakh for land acquisition
Ring road total expenditure Rs.30 crores

At the meet Belgaum – Chorla road has to be completed by May 31, 2012 was told to PWD & Patch work of Belgaum Khanapur road should also be undertaken immediately was also told to the officials.

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  1. Good information about the ring road for the people. But I wonder will it ever get completed at least this year. Why should they not start with the existing bauxite road which is part of the ring road from hindalga to kakti so that at least some work gets started and mean while other related works with ring road could be completed like handling of the land, funds, etc can be looked into. It is so slow.

  2. There is something called as “Land acquisition act” the power is with the DC, he/she can invoke it anytime, it cannot be challenged in any court of law, hope this is done where land is not given up(compensation is paid)!

  3. Very Nice….
    Tavu Eadu Project jaldi start madidre tumba chennagirute…
    HALAGA to MACHE madidre GOA side hogavrige tumba Valledagute.. mate..
    Belgavi alli trafic kammi agute.. kandita… yeke andre
    HUBLI DHARWAD Mathu BANGALORE kade enda GOA ge hogavrige tumba ne easy aguthe….

    bega e project start madidre tumbane valledu…..

  4. Sir please upload map of machhe to halga ring road… It’s helpful for agricultural peoples…. They are makings our house without any road planning… Because thay don’t have any map of ring road….I hope you understand…


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